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Q&A with PWS&D Director (Video)

by Karen Bokma

We recently hosted a Q&A with Guy Smagghe, PWS&D’s director. The video is now available for those who were unable to attend. Guy answered questions about PWS&D’s response to the coronavirus pandemic, including the impacts on our partners and programs. Please note that there is no sound until about the 10 second mark.  To learn more […]

Watering a Garden of Hope in South Sudan

by Stephanie Chunoo

Watering cans come in all shapes and sizes: small tin ones to care for indoor plants, heirloom copper cans that haven’t seen water in fifty years, large green industrial tools to shower the whole garden. For families in Aweil, South Sudan, watering cans were part of a food security response that provided hope for a […]

Drought-Affected Families Receive Support in Pakistan

by Karen Bokma

Seventy-three-year-old Kasi lives with her son and his wife in the small village of Ranahar in Sindh Province, Pakistan. Kasi worked on the family farm and her son was as a tractor driver, which provided enough income to meet the family’s needs. That all changed, though, when her son began to experience severe chest pains […]

Daily Struggles with Drought in Afghanistan

by Karen Bokma

Kazim was very concerned for his family. Due to a debilitating illness, for years he hadn’t been able to optimally farm his acre of land—but they got by. Then, the effects of climate change made his farm and others in the area infertile. “Due to low precipitation and shortage of water, as well as my […]

Trusting God to Provide

by Karen Bokma

When Job lost his oxen, sheep and camels, as well as his beloved children, he still chose to say, “Blessed be the name of the Lord” (Job 1:21). Mai Kenkoo, despite facing devastating tragedy, also perseveres in trusting God. “I have faith in God,” she says, “He will do better for us.” Mai’s family once […]