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So That All May Flourish: World Food Day 2019

by Anna Muir

Poverty, the rising cost of food and an unstable climate are a few of the reasons that about 821 million people around the world don’t have regular access to nutritious food. Staggeringly, conflict is responsible for 10 out of 13 of the world’s main food crises. Yemen is currently the world’s largest food crisis. In […]

Fresh Veggies, Bright Futures

by Anna Muir

Like most mothers, Meena from Pakistan wants her children to be healthy, to go to school and pursue their dreams. These are opportunities Meena never had. “My family couldn’t afford to send me to school, and I was married at a young age,” she shares. “My dream to become a teacher was left in vain. […]

Children’s Feature: Small Seeds

by Anna Muir

Small Seeds can be used as a children’s story or activity to teach children about the power of sharing our gifts to end hunger and to help them understand that small actions can grow into big results. A prayer suggestion is also offered. This resource can be used to mark World Food Day, as part […]

Video: What is Food Security?

by Karen Bokma

Achieving the goal of ending global hunger often means providing food for people in need, but we know that more is needed to ensure people enjoy food security. This video explains what food security means, and how it relates to ending global hunger. To support PWS&D’s food security work, click here.

Kitchen Gardens Help Dreams Come True in Pakistan

by Anna Muir

Fozia cares deeply for her family. She prays that some day, her four young children will attend school, learn new skills and build bright and hopeful futures. But without a reliable source of income, Fozia’s family remained trapped in poverty. Fozia’s hope for her children was fragile. In a village in Badin, Pakistan Fozia’s husband […]

Malawian Woman Achieves Independence Through Agriculture Training

by Anna Muir

Esther Beza has many responsibilities. The 29-year-old Malawian farmer takes care of her four children, three of her brother’s children and her elderly parents, all while farming two hectares of land. It’s not always easy, but Beza tries to look on the bright side as much as she can. “I am happy because I can […]

Learning, Sharing and Rising Above Hunger in Pakistan

by Anna Muir

In Badin, Pakistan, where recent weather events have devastated crops, washed away seed stores and eroded healthy soil, many small-scale farmers and their families remain trapped in cycles of hunger and poverty. When it comes to ending hunger in vulnerable communities, education and training is vital. Knowledge of sustainable agricultural practices can help farmers build […]

Digging Up Irrigation Solutions in Pakistan

by Anna Muir

In rural Pakistan, one simple tool is helping poor families grow more vegetables at home. It isn’t a shovel, hoe, or compost bin—it’s an old clay pot. Scratched, broken, forgotten vessels are vital to a gardening method introduced in a PWS&D-supported agricultural project in Pakistan that is improving food security for 650 drought and flood-affected […]

Kitchen Gardens: A Source of Joy and Pride in Pakistan

by Anna Muir

Carrying bowls brimming with freshly harvested carrots, bright green spinach, radishes and tomatoes, it’s hard to believe Mirzadi owns no farmland and had no previous experience growing her own food. Mirzadi lives in Badin, Pakistan with her ailing husband and two of her sons. The local economy relies heavily on agriculture, but farmers in the […]

PWSDevelopments 2017, Issue 1: “Making a Difference on the Road to Abundant Life”

by Anna Muir

Signs of abundant life may be difficult to spot in parts of the world fraught with war, poverty and oppression. But change starts small—with each individual who is transforming their life with the support of PWS&D donors, partners and projects. In this issue of PWSDevelopments, we celebrate the impact of our programs in development and relief by sharing the […]