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Responding to Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Needs in South Sudan

by Stephanie Chunoo

Water is essential for families to have proper nutrition and hygiene. Unfortunately, the same thing that saves lives can also put them at risk. On October 27, 2019, the government of South Sudan declared a state of emergency after continuous heavy rainfall caused severe flooding. The homes of 420,000 people and thousands of tons of food supplies […]

“We are grateful to those who supported us” – Voices of Relief in Pakistan

by Anna Muir

In 2015, heavy rains battered the district of Sajawal in Pakistan. Monsoon flooding brought homes to the ground, washed away roads and devastated livelihoods. “The floods took away all hopes. We lost everything. We were at the verge of hunger,” shares Rano, a young farmer from the district. But families like Rano’s, hardest hit by […]

Respond with PWS&D to Malawi Floods

by Karen Bokma

Heavy rain and floods in Malawi have swept many houses away and caused residents to leave their homes—more than 100,000 people have been displaced. A third of the country has been declared a disaster zone. As the waters have started to recede, PWS&D’s partners in Malawi have been coordinating with local communities to assess damage […]

PWS&D Responds to Malawi Flooding

by Karen Bokma

Flooding and heavy rains have affected 17 districts in Malawi. Heavy rain over the past month has swept many houses away and caused residents to flee to higher ground—more than 100,000 people have been displaced from their homes, mostly in the south of the country. Government reports indicate that at least 170 people have died […]

Hit Hard But Looking Forward

by Karen Bokma

In a village in Jacobabad District, Pakistan – hard hit by floods in the last several years – 11-year-old Javed is an orphan, caring for his four young siblings. Javed does agricultural labour and supplements his income by cutting and selling wood. “Our situation was not good before the floods because of the death of […]