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PWS&D raises over $118,000 for famine relief

by Karen Bokma

Thank you for your incredible generosity! Between March 17 and June 30, 2017, PWS&D raised $118,244 in support of our ongoing famine response. These funds will be matched 1:1 by the federal government’s Famine Relief Fund, which will be programmed by agencies selected by Global Affairs Canada. PWS&D is responding through the Canadian Foodgrains Bank […]

Feeding Centres in War-Torn South Sudan Saving Lives

by Anna Muir

For too long, Regina and her eight children struggled living in a country torn apart by violence. In her hometown of Leer, South Sudan, armed men had burned homes, raped women and killed civilians. Three years of civil war left both the community and Regina’s hope in ruins. Faced with the ongoing conflict, Regina decided […]

Canadian Government to Match Famine Relief Donations until June 30

by Karen Bokma

An unprecedented and devastating food crisis has gripped several countries across Africa. According to the World Food Programme, around 14 million people in southern African countries are in need of food assistance. Famine has been declared in South Sudan, where civil unrest has displaced large segments of the population and left five million people facing […]

May 21: Global Day of Prayer to End Famine

by Karen Bokma

On Sunday May 21, churches around the world are joining together for the Global Day of Prayer to End Famine. On that day, people of faith around the world will be praying for the 20 million people across South Sudan, Yemen, Nigeria and Somalia currently suffering from severe hunger, and in some cases, famine. The […]

Help for Malnourished Children in South Sudan

by Karen Bokma

Leaving home with three little children in tow and walking for three days wasn’t an easy decision for Sarah. It was even harder knowing that making the journey meant risking being attacked by armed robbers or soldiers on the way, and only bringing what they could carry. But Sarah didn’t have a lot of choices. […]