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Crisis in South Sudan

by Karen Bokma

Almost five million people are facing severe food insecurity in South Sudan, according to the United Nations World Food Programme. In the world’s youngest country, years of civil unrest have displaced large segments of the population—many of those displaced are small-scale farmers. Forced to leave their farms and livestock, the conflict has left people unable […]

Food Distributions Begin in Drought-Affected Malawi Communities

by Karen Bokma

Farmers and their families in Malawi have been hard hit by unpredictable and less than expected rainfall amounts. The drought, caused by a particularly powerful El Niño event, has left many in need of food assistance. In Malawi, Balaka is one of the districts hardest hit by the crisis and has experienced significant decreases in […]

Recovery and Relief in Africa and the Middle East

by Karen Bokma

PWS&D recently committed funding to five emergency responses in Africa and the Middle East. The projects that PWS&D is supporting are all in response to ongoing violent conflict in the regions where they are taking place. Responding through Canadian Foodgrains Bank, PWS&D is supporting partners in Juba in South Sudan, where tens of thousands of […]

Food Assistance in Haiti Helps 1,200 Families After Hurricane

by Karen Bokma

On October 4, 2016, Hurricane Matthew slammed into the southwest coast of Haiti. In the wake of the powerful storm, parts of the island nation faced complete destruction. Winds up to 240 km/h, flooding and mudslides damaged roads and homes, flattened fields, caused food and water shortages and triggered widespread illness. With the death toll […]

Responding to Hurricane Matthew

by Karen Bokma

Hurricane Matthew has struck Haiti leaving devastation in its wake. With the death toll topping 1,000 and entire communities destroyed, the United Nations estimates that 1.4 million people are in need of immediate humanitarian assistance. PWS&D will be responding through our local partners and the ACT Alliance. Immediate assistance in the form of food, emergency […]

“You Have Wide Hands”

by Anna Muir

“We are living.” That is how Abdal describes his new life in Lebanon. Forced to flee his beloved homeland—war-ravaged Syria—Abdal, his wife Friyal and their three children have found safety. But their new neighbourhood does not feel like home. Around them are rows of makeshift corrugated metal shelters. Weary families flood in, plunking their belongings […]

Video: What is Food Assistance?

by Karen Bokma

Food assistance is one of the major aspects of the work PWS&D does in partnership with Canadian Foodgrains Bank. This video gives an explanation of global food assistance in response to hunger crises around the world.

Food Rations Give Hope in Ethiopia

by Karen Bokma

Fitalle Boru has nothing left. “I have sold all my chickens, sheep and goats to buy grain from the market. Now everything is gone and I’m left with empty hands.” In the past, Fitalle and her husband would support their family by farming their quarter hectare of farmland. Since it wasn’t enough for their family […]

Responding to Fires in Alberta

by Karen Bokma

The PCC national office has heard from The Rev. Lisa Aide, minister at Faith Presbyterian Church in Fort McMurray. The people from the congregation have all made it safely out of the city, though they are scattered north and south. They are waiting to hear about the status of their homes, manse and the school […]

Responding to Ecuador Earthquake

by Karen Bokma

On Saturday, April 16, a massive 7.8 magnitude earthquake struck the northern coast of Ecuador. It’s the most powerful earthquake to hit the region in 36 years. Current news reports are listing over 400 people dead and over 2,500 injured—with both numbers expected to rise. Rescue efforts continue as many remain trapped under rubble. Entire […]