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Returning to the Golden Days: Resilience and Recovery After Floods in Pakistan

by Anna Muir

They lost their home, their land and every last one of their belongings. Mustufa, Zainab and their two young children would never forget the tragic day powerful floods devastated their village in Pakistan. In the wake of the disaster, Mustufa grew especially worried about how he would feed his family. Before the flood, he cultivated […]

Rebuilding a Broken World: Moving Forward after the Earthquake in Ecuador

by Anna Muir

“It is very difficult to express what happened that day.” Maria Isabel Gracia is grim-faced as she evokes the chilling tremors that broke her beloved home, devastated her family and flattened her community in central Guayas, Ecuador. Maria holds the youngest of her four children close and says, “I am very grateful because all my […]

Emotional Support Program Unites Communities in Nepal

by Anna Muir

It’s Saturday morning in Ghusel, Nepal. The rising sun casts light upon an expanse of makeshift shelters—a sea of bamboo, wood and tarpaulins. When the devastating earthquake shook Nepal last April, all but five of the 355 houses in Ghusel were reduced to rubble. The physical impact of the quake is still visible. It is […]