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Sunday School Challenge: Opening Classroom Doors

by Anna Muir

Education offers children a way out of poverty and the chance to build a brighter future. Unfortunately, about 264 million children and adolescents around the world do not have the opportunity to go to school. Poverty, conflict, natural disasters and cultural barriers are just a few of the factors keeping girls and boys outside the […]

A Mother’s Perseverance Changes Attitudes Towards Girls Education

by Anna Muir

Zarmina felt frustrated by the deeply-held belief in her community that there is little need to educate women and girls. “Our community firmly believes that girls were born to stay within their home,” she explains. In Afghanistan, economic constraints and long distances to schools are just a few of the other factors keeping girls at […]

Quality Education Builds Girls’ Confidence

by Anna Muir

“Honestly, neither the students nor I were actually enjoying the lessons,” confesses Inayatullah, a third grade teacher at Zangue Girls School in Nangarhar, Afghanistan. Each day at school, Inayatullah gave his lesson by lecturing or reading aloud. It wouldn’t be long before his students began to fidget and lose interest. As the school year progressed, […]

Sunday School Challenge: Farming for the Future

by Anna Muir

In the western highlands of Guatemala, hunger is a daily concern among Indigenous Maya-Mam people. Climate change and deforestation have led to low crop yields. Discrimination and poverty make it difficult for women and men to start farms or buy food for their families. PWS&D is responding with Canadian Foodgrains Bank and local partner AMMID […]

Teacher Training Delivers Shining Results in Afghanistan

by Anna Muir

Many of us will have one or two schoolteachers who are especially memorable—whose guidance and dedication inspired us to find our passions and become the people we are today. For the Grade 3 class at a girls school in Nangarhar, Afghanistan, that teacher was Heena. Heena is warm, engaging and personable—but this wasn’t always the […]

“If I were a bird, I would fly”: Little Girl Dreams Big in Afghanistan

by Anna Muir

“May I come to this room and learn what you are teaching?” To her teachers and fellow classmates, Zakira’s love of learning is unmistakable. The eight-year-old lives and attends school in Laghman province, Afghanistan. Her father, a mason, has been struggling to make ends meet. But in spite of challenging circumstances, Zakira is filled with […]

“I love going to school here!”

by Anna Muir

“My mom was in a panic because of my school fees. She had decided that I needed to come home. But then I found out that I would be supported for this year. I really love being with my cousins and friends and having a great time together! I love going to school here!” Emma, […]

PWSDevelopments 2015, Issue 4: The Power of Education

by Anna Muir

The causes of poverty are complex. But by supporting PWS&D’s education projects across the globe, we can help more girls and boys learn the vocational skills that will allow them to create brighter futures and contribute to the peaceful development of their country. In this issue of PWSDevelopments, read about how your support helped ten-year-old Saima from Afghanistan realize her […]

A Father’s Life-Changing Gift

by Anna Muir

For young Tasal, long days spent helping his family cultivate land, raise livestock and complete other household chores were familiar and routine. In fact, for most children in rural Afghanistan, it is expected that they will support their families’ income generating activities from a young age. While many children are proud to help their families, […]

Beyond the Classroom: Creating Opportunities for Women and Girls

by Karen Bokma

“Traditionally, they say it is offensive for a woman to work outside of the home and earn money to support her family,” explains Zahida. Now an accomplished teacher at the Mesha Khail Girls High School in Afghanistan, these cultural norms once left her with no choice but to abandon her dream of teaching. “I had […]