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Trusting God to Provide

by Karen Bokma

When Job lost his oxen, sheep and camels, as well as his beloved children, he still chose to say, “Blessed be the name of the Lord” (Job 1:21). Mai Kenkoo, despite facing devastating tragedy, also perseveres in trusting God. “I have faith in God,” she says, “He will do better for us.” Mai’s family once […]

Food Assistance Vital for Drought Affected Families in Pakistan

by Anna Muir

After consecutive years of very little rainfall, a severe drought has swept across southern Pakistan, particularly in the provinces of Sindh and Baluchistan—where rates of poverty and hunger are already high. The resulting drought has affected the lives and livelihoods of about five million people. In rural areas where most people are farmers, the impact […]

Urgent Appeal: Africa Relief

by Karen Bokma

An unprecedented number of people across the African continent are in need due to natural disaster and violent conflict. While we may not hear about these crises in the media, they are no less real. We are called to respond and we need your help. So many are affected by disasters not of their own […]

Learning, Sharing and Rising Above Hunger in Pakistan

by Anna Muir

In Badin, Pakistan, where recent weather events have devastated crops, washed away seed stores and eroded healthy soil, many small-scale farmers and their families remain trapped in cycles of hunger and poverty. When it comes to ending hunger in vulnerable communities, education and training is vital. Knowledge of sustainable agricultural practices can help farmers build […]

Digging Up Irrigation Solutions in Pakistan

by Anna Muir

In rural Pakistan, one simple tool is helping poor families grow more vegetables at home. It isn’t a shovel, hoe, or compost bin—it’s an old clay pot. Scratched, broken, forgotten vessels are vital to a gardening method introduced in a PWS&D-supported agricultural project in Pakistan that is improving food security for 650 drought and flood-affected […]

Responding to Drought in Somalia

by Anna Muir

Somalia is grappling with its worst drought in 40 years. Minimal rainfall, widespread crop failure and livestock deaths have brought crisis to millions of Somalis now facing severe hunger, malnutrition and disease. The crippling effects of the drought are made worse by militant violence and a lack of response from an unstable government. More than […]

Food Distributions Begin in Drought-Affected Malawi Communities

by Karen Bokma

Farmers and their families in Malawi have been hard hit by unpredictable and less than expected rainfall amounts. The drought, caused by a particularly powerful El Niño event, has left many in need of food assistance. In Malawi, Balaka is one of the districts hardest hit by the crisis and has experienced significant decreases in […]

Food Rations Give Hope in Ethiopia

by Karen Bokma

Fitalle Boru has nothing left. “I have sold all my chickens, sheep and goats to buy grain from the market. Now everything is gone and I’m left with empty hands.” In the past, Fitalle and her husband would support their family by farming their quarter hectare of farmland. Since it wasn’t enough for their family […]

PWS&D Responds to Drought in Africa

by Karen Bokma

Severe drought caused by one of the most powerful El Niño events in recent history is wreaking havoc on farmers and their families across Africa and the world. Millions of people are affected by the drought and in need of food assistance. The food security situation is rapidly deteriorating, as low rainfall negatively impacts maize […]