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Hygiene Kits Protect Families in Nicaragua

by Stephanie Chunoo

PWS&D continues to respond to the needs caused by COVID-19. In Nicaragua, we’re supporting local partners as they repurpose program funds to provide COVID-19 support. Families are receiving food kits, as well as hygiene and sanitation items, including hand soap and towels, disinfectant wipes, bleach, cleaning supplies and toilet paper. Thanks to your continued support, […]

Responding to COVID-19 with ACT Alliance

by Karen Bokma

As the world continues to respond to COVID-19, the situation on the ground is constantly changing. Local economies have been disrupted due to lockdowns, food security is a concern for many families, and precarious access to appropriate sanitation and hygiene facilities is even more dangerous during a pandemic. While PWS&D initially supported efforts geared toward […]

Q&A with PWS&D Director (Video)

by Karen Bokma

We recently hosted a Q&A with Guy Smagghe, PWS&D’s director. The video is now available for those who were unable to attend. Guy answered questions about PWS&D’s response to the coronavirus pandemic, including the impacts on our partners and programs. Please note that there is no sound until about the 10 second mark.  To learn more […]

From a Global Challenge, a New Start

by Stephanie Chunoo

By Guy Smagghe, PWS&D Director There is so much turbulence in our world and so much uncertainty. By the time you read this, much will have changed again. Our global community is facing a common challenge and has been forced to take unprecedented measures to protect people’s lives. As with most sudden onset disasters, the world’s […]

Responding to COVID-19

by Karen Bokma

*A video update on our COVID-19 response is now available. This page was last updated on May 25, 2020. The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has many of us feeling uncertain about the future. What began as a global health crisis has only worsened the inequalities that exist for so many around the world. Many are already […]