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Your Kingdom Banquet Come: World Food Day 2020

by Stephanie Chunoo

Today, there are 690 million people around the world who suffer from undernourishment. Of those 690 million people, 130 million suffer from acute hunger caused by conflicts, climate change and economic decline. COVID-19 has doubled the number of people suffering from hunger, putting millions more at risk. Now, more than ever, it’s imperative to take action. By investing […]

Hope for Single Mothers in Somalia

by Karen Bokma

For single mothers living in internally displaced persons camps in Somalia, life is a balancing act. Often, time is split between caring for their infants and tireless efforts to find work, in order to afford necessities like food. A profound lack of resources and rising food prices due to COVID-19 have meant that many simply […]

New Phase of South Sudan Response Begins

by Stephanie Chunoo

Many people in South Sudan don’t have access to the food they need to live healthy lives. From August 2019 to April 2020, PWS&D was part of a response that helped families by providing food vouchers as well as tools and other farming supplies. Now, as prices for seeds remain high and COVID-19 further raises […]

Q&A with PWS&D Director (Video)

by Karen Bokma

We recently hosted a Q&A with Guy Smagghe, PWS&D’s director. The video is now available for those who were unable to attend. Guy answered questions about PWS&D’s response to the coronavirus pandemic, including the impacts on our partners and programs. Please note that there is no sound until about the 10 second mark.  To learn more […]

Watering a Garden of Hope in South Sudan

by Stephanie Chunoo

Watering cans come in all shapes and sizes: small tin ones to care for indoor plants, heirloom copper cans that haven’t seen water in fifty years, large green industrial tools to shower the whole garden. For families in Aweil, South Sudan, watering cans were part of a food security response that provided hope for a […]

Drought-Affected Families Receive Support in Pakistan

by Karen Bokma

Seventy-three-year-old Kasi lives with her son and his wife in the small village of Ranahar in Sindh Province, Pakistan. Kasi worked on the family farm and her son was as a tractor driver, which provided enough income to meet the family’s needs. That all changed, though, when her son began to experience severe chest pains […]

Daily Struggles with Drought in Afghanistan

by Karen Bokma

Kazim was very concerned for his family. Due to a debilitating illness, for years he hadn’t been able to optimally farm his acre of land—but they got by. Then, the effects of climate change made his farm and others in the area infertile. “Due to low precipitation and shortage of water, as well as my […]

Rohingya Family Carries on Despite Devastating Challenges

by Karen Bokma

Since August 2017, three quarters of a million Rohingya refugees have been forced by violence to leave their homes in Myanmar. It’s a difficult journey for everyone. For Nosomakatun, a mother of two children with disabilities, it was even harder. When arson and killings began to occur against the Rohingya people in her neighbourhood, Nosomakatun […]

Yemen: Thanking God for What Remains

by Karen Bokma

Ahmed used to live next to a very unfriendly neighbour: a military base. One day, air strikes turned his family home in Yemen to rubble. Thankfully, Ahmed and his family of nine escaped with their lives. With nowhere to live, Ahmed, his wife and their seven children were forced to seek refuge under a bridge […]

Malawian Mother Empowered by Food Aid After Cyclone Idai

by Anna Muir

Katherine will always remember the powerful flood waters that rushed up to her knees and penetrated the walls of her home. Six months ago, Cyclone Idai unleashed torrential rain and winds that led to devastating flooding across Malawi, Mozambique and Zimbabwe. Katherine was one of 840,000 Malawians stuck in the storm. The devastating deluge ruined […]