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Paving the Way for a Just Society in Afghanistan

by Stephanie Chunoo

Noria and Lela are passionate about advocating for the young girls and underrepresented women in their community. Noria, a 33-year-old schoolteacher and Lela, a grade 12 student at the same school, were the first women to join the Community Development Committee (CDC) in their community in Nangarhar province, Afghanistan. When Noria first joined the CDC, she […]

Food Assistance Provides Comfort During Difficult Times

by Stephanie Chunoo

In Afghanistan, Razia and her four children were displaced from their home in the Waras district of the Bamyan province. Living conditions had worsened as COVID-19 caused many livelihood opportunities to disappear. With no place to call home and abandoned by her husband, the thirty-five-year-old mother, along with her three young daughters and son, sought […]

An Education for Robina

by Karen Bokma

Robina lives with her mother, father and five siblings in a make-shift house in Nangarhar Province, Afghanistan. Both of her parents are unemployed. Right now, Robina is the only member of her family in school—but it’s not just because of COVID-19. In Afghanistan, 62 percent of children don’t attend school. Poverty is one of the […]

Providing Food Assistance in Afghanistan

by Stephanie Chunoo

As the world continues to feel the impact of COVID-19, some countries are feeling the consequences more severely than others. Afghanistan is one of those countries. Before the pandemic hit, people in Afghanistan were already struggling with increased food insecurity, unemployment and poverty due to decades of ongoing conflict. COVID-19 has only intensified these issues, […]

Maternal Care in Afghanistan: “There is a Sense of Relief”

by Karen Bokma

When many children in Laghman Province, Afghanistan, became sick with the measles, their mothers were curious about Taj’s child. “There’s an outbreak,” they wondered, “but her child remains healthy. How could this be?” In Afghanistan, the rates of infant and child mortality are breathtakingly high. For many pregnant women living in small villages, health services […]

From a Global Challenge, a New Start

by Stephanie Chunoo

By Guy Smagghe, PWS&D Director There is so much turbulence in our world and so much uncertainty. By the time you read this, much will have changed again. Our global community is facing a common challenge and has been forced to take unprecedented measures to protect people’s lives. As with most sudden onset disasters, the world’s […]

Empowering One Girl at a Time

by Stephanie Chunoo

*As in Canada, schools in Afghanistan have been closed by government order having a significant impact on this program. PWS&D’s partner in Afghanistan, Community World Service Asia, is monitoring the situation and planning for next steps. Around the world, many countries are slowly but surely making progress on gender equality—Afghanistan is one of them. In […]

Daily Struggles with Drought in Afghanistan

by Karen Bokma

Kazim was very concerned for his family. Due to a debilitating illness, for years he hadn’t been able to optimally farm his acre of land—but they got by. Then, the effects of climate change made his farm and others in the area infertile. “Due to low precipitation and shortage of water, as well as my […]

Maternal Health in Afghanistan

by Stephanie Chunoo

In many parts of the developing world, when the sun sets, delivery wards become empty—without somewhere for nurses and midwives to stay nearby, late-night deliveries are often not attended by health care professionals. Even at the times of day when medical staff are available, many women do not have the transportation or the finances to […]

International Women’s Day 2019: Balance for Better

by Anna Muir

On Friday, March 8, communities around the world will observe International Women’s Day to celebrate the achievements of women in their struggle for equality, peace and development. The International Women’s Day 2019 theme of #BalanceforBetter is a call-to-action for driving gender balance across the world. Balance builds a better world. Providing women with equal access to education, […]