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Pakistan Floods

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Pakistan is consistently ranked among the 10 countries most vulnerable to the effect of global climate change. A heavier than usual monsoon season and glacier melt following a severe heat wave created devastating flood conditions in much of the country in 2022, with the damage impacting families long after these weather events. More than 1,700 people died, and 33 million people have been affected.

PWS&D is supporting an emergency food assistance project for affected communities in the Khairpur district of Sindh province, through partner Community World Service Asia.

Three cash transfers are being distributed to 6,625 households (about 43,000 people). Cash transfers allow families to purchase the food they need at local markets—improving food security and helping the economy,

Generous Presbyterian contributions are helping make this $2.25 million project possible. Additional support from Canadian Foodgrains Bank, the Humanitarian Coalition and the Government of Canada has allowed us to maximize donations to go so much further.

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