Building Sustainable Livelihoods – Malawi – 2012-2017

Malawi is one of the poorest countries in the world. Hunger, climate change, gender inequality and high unemployment rates make it difficult for people to overcome poverty.

Presbyterian World Service & Development is working to build sustainable livelihoods for 50,000 of the most vulnerable men, women and children. Having a sustainable livelihood means having what you need to survive – food, water, shelter and clothing.

Youth receive vocational training to help build brighter futures

The Building Sustainable Livelihoods (BSL) program is combating poverty by promoting:

• Education
• Vocational training
• Work opportunities
• Financial management
• Healthy living practices
• Gender equality

By investing in holistic community development, we can create new opportunities for the future and help people support themselves over the long-term.

Families suffering from food insecurity receive seeds and nutrition support to improve their diets. Vulnerable youth are trained in carpentry, tailoring, bricklaying and mechanics in order to gain employment and become self-supporting. Women are empowered as they save money together so they can start small businesses.

Support from the Government of Canada

Between 2012-2017, the Government of Canada, through Global Affairs Canada, is providing $931,000 to PWS&D for development programming in Malawi. The Canadian government funds 75% of this program, while PWS&D is responsible for the remaining 25%. This funding helps to maximize Presbyterian contributions to PWS&D.


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Your Gifts Make a Difference!

Your donations to these programs are maximized through additional funds from the Canadian government through Global Affairs Canada. Make a donation today!