In Haiti, PWS&D is working to support children suffering  from malnutrition and reduce vulnerability to climate change and food insecurity.

PWS&D is helping strengthen the resilience of farmers affected by food insecurity.

Alongside civil society leaders and local authorities, PWS&D is working with vulnerable communities to raise awareness of climate change, build resilience to the effects, and increase food security.

In a country where over one million people are food insecure and agricultural production only meets 43% of food needs, this work is more essential than ever.

By teaching about soil conservation, agricultural techniques that require less water, seed and fertilizer, and strengthening solid waste management systems, PWS&D partners are helping address the needs of families and communities for today and for the future.

For young children, a lack of proper food at critical development stages can lead to delays in growth and other health issues. Through support for mobile clinics and community health workers, PWS&D is treating and strengthening children under the age of five who suffer from malnutrition so that they can lead happy, healthy lives.

Click here for information on our response to the August 2021 earthquake in Haiti.