Emergency Relief

Many disasters and emergencies don’t make news headlines, but the needs are no less real and the impacts on families are equally devastating.

Araz and Palig, Syrian refugees living in Jordan, unpack a box of household supplies. Photo: Paul Jeffrey, ACT Alliance

Called to respond to suffering caused by natural disasters, long-term conflict and other emergencies, PWS&D reaches out to the most vulnerable to address immediate needs such as food, water and sanitation, and shelter, as well as long-term needs including livelihood recovery, education assistance and psychosocial support.

PWS&D is able to respond to almost any emergency situation around the world through ecumenical alliances and partnerships:

  • Through Canadian Foodgrains Bank, PWS&D accesses food assistance funding through matching grants from the Canadian government and collaborations with other members of the Foodgrains Bank.
  • Through other members of the ACT Alliance, PWS&D can respond to disasters virtually anywhere in the world, providing core relief items to help communities recover and rebuild.
  • Past responses with other denominations under Canadian Churches in Action has allowed PWS&D to secure government funding for non-food responses to disasters.

These relationships increase our impact and allow us to act quickly—maximizing Presbyterian support to benefit more people in need.

Current Responses

COVID-19 Pandemic

Lebanon Crisis 

Yemen Crisis

Rohingya Refugee Crisis
Having fled violence and persecution in Myanmar, Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh are receiving food aid and other relief items to improve living conditions in makeshift camps.

Syria Crisis
Responding to devastation caused by a brutal civil war, food aid as well as livelihoods, education, shelter, and water and sanitation support is meeting the needs of vulnerable populations in Jordan, Lebanon and Syria.

Past Responses

Cyclone Idai Response
Conflict and Hunger in South Sudan
Drought and Hunger Africa
Hurricane Matthew in Haiti (2016)
Nepal Earthquake Relief (2015)
Typhoon Haiyan (2014)

Your Gifts Make a Difference!

Thanks to your faithful and generous support, families are receiving food assistance in times of hunger and people are being supporting when disaster and conflict strike. Make a donation today to help alleviate the suffering of people in crisis.