For over 30 years, farmers across Canada have been helping end global hunger through growing projects through Canadian Foodgrains Bank. Now people who aren’t farmers can join them through Danforth Grow Hope!

Through Danforth Grow Hope, you can become a farmer by sponsoring an acre of land in rural Ontario. Funds raised through the project are matched up to 4:1 through the Foodgrains Bank and will be used to support people around the world with emergency food supplies and long-term food security.

While you provide hope to people around the world through food, you can also learn more about farming and what’s involved in growing food.


Generous Ontario farmers grow a crop for us. It costs $500 per acre to grow the crop—for things like renting land, buying seed, fuel and other inputs.

At the end of the growing season, they will sell the crop and donate the proceeds to the Foodgrains Bank. They expect to sell it for about $650 per acre for the 2018 harvest.

Inspired by the solidarity of Danforth churches during the Good Friday walks, and in the aftermath of the tragic events of August 2018, we want to grow hope out of our urban goodwill, irrespective of denominational affiliation.

The Canadian Foodgrains Bank brings us together in the common cause of ending world hunger, inspired by the same scriptures and words of hope.

This year was the first for Danforth Grow Hope and 10 acres were sponsored in a field in Stouffville.


We hope to find joint fundraising opportunities (such as concerts) and promote the work that our churches are doing together to end hunger. The Danforth Grow Hope project is an opportunity to raise awareness about and respond to the hunger challenges on our planet!

To sponsor an acre, get involved or learn more about Danforth Grow Hope, contact danforthgrowhope [at] gmail [dot] com.

Thank you for considering how you can be part of Grow Hope! Through it you can join other Canadians in growing hope as crops grow on the acre you sponsored, and as hope grows for people who receive assistance through our partnership in the Foodgrains Bank.

Learn more about Canadian Foodgrains Bank Grow Hope projects.

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