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Cyclone Idai made landfall in Southern Africa in March 2019. High winds and rains left a trail of devastation, impacting almost three million people across Malawi, Mozambique and Zimbabwe. When the storm hit the region, roads were submerged, houses demolished and crops and livelihoods destroyed. The collapse of over 4,000 pit latrines left 85,000 people with a way to safely use the washroom, deeply impacting health and sanitation. The cyclone caused over 1,000 deaths and left over 146,000 people without homes.

Working through coalitions like Canadian Foodgrains Bank and ACT Alliance, PWS&D provided emergency food assistance, shelter and water and sanitation services.

PWS&D also provided assistance to combat food insecurity caused by the flooding. Families in Malawi received monthly cash allowances which allow them to purchase the food they need at local markets, also helping to boost the local economy. Female headed households, families with orphans and people with special needs, as well as those living with HIV have been given priority.

Additionally, throughout 2019, community members from 22 villages in Malawi banded together, with PWS&D support, to rebuild their sanitation facilities. Their hard work resulted in 525 new, durable latrines which will help protect community health and reduce disease.

In Mozambique, PWS&D helped to provide water, sanitation and hygiene facilities through ACT Alliance.

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