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PWSDevelopments 2017, Issue 1: “Making a Difference on the Road to Abundant Life”

by Anna Muir

Signs of abundant life may be difficult to spot in parts of the world fraught with war, poverty and oppression. But change starts small—with each individual who is transforming their life with the support of PWS&D donors, partners and projects. In this issue of PWSDevelopments, we celebrate the impact of our programs in development and relief by sharing the […]

PWSDevelopments 2016, Issue 4: “I cannot express how happy I am”

by Anna Muir

While the journey to ensure healthy, abundant life for all is not over, PWS&D is making a difference for communities in Malawi and Afghanistan by improving access to necessary maternal, newborn and child health services. In Afghanistan, Khori and new mother Shazia are especially grateful for support from PWS&D’s maternal health program. In this issue of PWSDevelopments, […]

PWSDevelopments 2016, Issue 3: Building Sustainable Livelihoods

by Anna Muir

PWS&D’s Building Sustainable Livelihoods program in Malawi is helping create a more sustainable, compassionate and just world. It has changed the lives of Sterea, Anna and Jen in Malawi. In this issue of PWSDevelopments, read about how their involvement in the program helped them improve their families’ health and hygiene, have enough to eat, pay […]

PWSDevelopments 2016, Issue 2: Finding Home

by Anna Muir

Last year, the number of people displaced by conflict and persecution rose significantly. More and more stories surfaced in the media, and the world awoke to the plight of refugees searching for home. In this issue of PWSDevelopments, learn more about PWS&D’s refugee ministry and the ways overseas support is helping families uprooted from Syria, […]

PWSDevelopments 2016, Issue 1: Planting Seeds of Hope

by Anna Muir

In this issue of PWSDevelopments, read about Theresa Diaz in the western highlands of Guatemala. A lack of economic opportunity and environmental concerns have made it difficult for Theresa to break the unrelenting cycle of poverty and provide enough food for her seven children. The work that PWS&D is doing in Guatemala is addressing this […]

PWSDevelopments 2015, Issue 4: The Power of Education

by Anna Muir

The causes of poverty are complex. But by supporting PWS&D’s education projects across the globe, we can help more girls and boys learn the vocational skills that will allow them to create brighter futures and contribute to the peaceful development of their country. In this issue of PWSDevelopments, read about how your support helped ten-year-old Saima from Afghanistan realize her […]

PWSDevelopments 2015, Issue 3: Water for Life

by Anna Muir

Clean water is essential for life, but about one in nine people worldwide are forced to collect water from contaminated sources. In this issue of PWSDevelopments, read about the ways that PWS&D-supported water projects in Malawi are helping people like Edna and Torrius prevent water-borne diseases and access clean, life-giving water for the long-term. In a […]

PWSDevelopments 2015, Issue 2: Abundant Life

by Anna Muir

In 2014, PWS&D undertook an intensive visioning and strategic planning process. Throughout the process, supporters from across Canada provided insightful feedback and thoughts for the future direction of PWS&D’s work. Throughout the process, PWS&D has reaffirmed our commitment to serving those in need, developed strategies to better address emerging global issues and looked for new […]