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An Advent Message (Video)

by Stephanie Chunoo

This year has been filled with many challenges. PWS&D’s director, Guy Smagghe, shares how your generous support has allowed us to continue caring for the most vulnerable. As we prepare to celebrate Christmas, respond with us to bring hope to families around the world. Download the video to share with your congregation. If you require […]

Champion for Change: A Potluck of Prayers

by Stephanie Chunoo

During the season of Advent, we prepare to celebrate the birth of Christ. Yet, this year has been difficult for so many both here in Canada and around the world. As we consider the hope and peace Christ brings, we can remember those in need through a potluck of prayers. Pray with Your Congregation Through […]

An Education for Robina

by Karen Bokma

Robina lives with her mother, father and five siblings in a make-shift house in Nangarhar Province, Afghanistan. Both of her parents are unemployed. Right now, Robina is the only member of her family in school—but it’s not just because of COVID-19. In Afghanistan, 62 percent of children don’t attend school. Poverty is one of the […]

Caring for the Next Generation in Malawi

by Stephanie Chunoo

Alinafe didn’t know what to do. Her sister, who had just given birth to her seventh child, had died. Now the child’s guardian, Alinafe’s grief was compounded with worry about affording formula to keep her newborn niece healthy. She knew others in her community who had lost children due to hunger. Then, Alinafe heard about […]

Meeting the Needs in Beirut

by Stephanie Chunoo

August 4 will be a day forever etched in memory for Johnny’s family. As the sun was setting in the port neighbourhood of Karantina, Beirut, Johnny, his wife, son and mother-in-law had just sat down to dinner. Not long after settling down, an explosion ripped through Beirut. Sally, Johnny’s wife, knew something was wrong immediately. […]

Providing Food Assistance in Afghanistan

by Stephanie Chunoo

As the world continues to feel the impact of COVID-19, some countries are feeling the consequences more severely than others. Afghanistan is one of those countries. Before the pandemic hit, people in Afghanistan were already struggling with increased food insecurity, unemployment and poverty due to decades of ongoing conflict. COVID-19 has only intensified these issues, […]

New Technique, New Hope

by Stephanie Chunoo

To 33-year-old Memory Nthakomwa, a young farmer from the Mwakifwamba village in Malawi, it seemed like the upcoming farming season would be difficult like the rest. She had witnessed what climate change had done to last year’s crops—with consistent dry spells and floods, crop production had drastically decreased, yielding very little. Memory knew something had […]

Ride for Refuge’s Best Year Yet

by Stephanie Chunoo

On Saturday, October 3, 69 PWS&D supporters geared up in Regina, Victoria, Waterloo, London, Edmonton and Toronto to participate in Ride for Refuge in support of PWS&D’s food security programs. The Ride for Refuge is a nation-wide cycling and walking fundraiser that helps charities raise money for the displaced, vulnerable and persecuted. The Ride looked […]

Veronica’s Return

by Stephanie Chunoo

Veronica, a bright 15-year-old student who lives in Mangwani Village in Malawi loves going to school.  She loves waking up to the warm Malawian sun in the mornings, pulling on her cornflower blue school uniform, and hurrying toward a day full of learning and connecting with her friends.   When Veronica discovered that she was […]

Your Kingdom Banquet Come: World Food Day 2020

by Stephanie Chunoo

Today, there are 690 million people around the world who suffer from undernourishment. Of those 690 million people, 130 million suffer from acute hunger caused by conflicts, climate change and economic decline. COVID-19 has doubled the number of people suffering from hunger, putting millions more at risk. Now, more than ever, it’s imperative to take action. By investing […]