Display and Presentation Materials

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Help spread the news of how Presbyterians are working to serve marginalized and vulnerable people. Display and presentation materials including PowerPoint presentations, informative videos, retractable banners and photo displays.

An Advent Message (Video)

by Stephanie Chunoo

This year has been filled with many challenges. PWS&D’s director, Guy Smagghe, shares how your generous support has allowed us to continue caring for the most vulnerable. As we prepare to celebrate Christmas, respond with us to bring hope to families around the world. Download the video to share with your congregation. If you require […]

Q&A with PWS&D Director (Video)

by Karen Bokma

We recently hosted a Q&A with Guy Smagghe, PWS&D’s director. The video is now available for those who were unable to attend. Guy answered questions about PWS&D’s response to the coronavirus pandemic, including the impacts on our partners and programs. Please note that there is no sound until about the 10 second mark.  To learn more […]

COVID-19 Update (Video)

by Karen Bokma

PWS&D’s director, Guy Smagghe, shares an update on our ongoing response to the COVID-19 crisis. Download the video to share with your congregation. If you require assistance, please contact Stephanie Chunoo (schunoo [at] presbyterian [dot] ca). We continue to do all we can to help bring hope and lessen the impact of this pandemic and […]

Video: Thank You! (2019)

by Stephanie Chunoo

At the start of this new year, we want to thank you for all you helped make possible in 2019. Your generous support and faithful prayers have transformed lives! Download the Thank You! (2019) Video

Video: Thank You! (2018)

by Anna Muir

Thank you for what you made possible in 2018. Your prayerful support and generosity have made this and so much more happen!

Share the work of PWS&D with PowerPoint!

by Anna Muir

Presbyterian World Service & Development encourages individuals, mission groups and advocates to share the work of PWS&D with their congregation. This new PowerPoint presentation makes presenting easy by providing a general overview of our programs, speaking notes, beautiful images and real stories from people whose lives have been touched by the generosity of Presbyterians.

Video: What is Food Security?

by Karen Bokma

Achieving the goal of ending global hunger often means providing food for people in need, but we know that more is needed to ensure people enjoy food security. This video explains what food security means, and how it relates to ending global hunger. To support PWS&D’s food security work, click here.

New Video: One Mission, Two Funds

by Anna Muir

Looking for a great new video resource to use in your church? Presbyterian World Service & Development and Presbyterians Sharing have put together a video explaining the work that we do together as The Presbyterian Church in Canada. One Mission, Two Funds shows how we are responding together around the world.