Advocacy and Educational resources help raise awareness about development, poverty and justice issues, while encouraging Presbyterians to advocate on behalf of those in need. Help us tackle issues such as the Government of Canada’s development budget, climate change and global hunger.

Harvest of Letters: Hunger and a Changing Climate

One of the ways PWS&D works with Canadian Foodgrains Bank works to end global hunger is by influencing public policies. Together, we engage Presbyterians in this work by asking concerned citizens to send personal, handwritten letters to their MPs. This year we are asking people to write about Canada's commitment to helping vulnerable people adapt to a changing climate.

The Proud to Protect Refugees Campaign – Sending a Positive Message about Refugees

During a time where refugees face a negative public discourse and increasing government restrictions, PWS&D is reaffirming our support of refugees by endorsing the Canadian Council for Refugees’ Proud to Protect Refugees Campaign. Learn how you can help.

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