Advocacy and Educational Resources

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Advocacy and Educational resources help raise awareness about development, poverty and justice issues, while encouraging Presbyterians to advocate on behalf of those in need. Help us tackle issues such as the Government of Canada’s development budget, climate change and global hunger.

PWS&D and CFGB ask Canadians to Write a Letter about Changes to Canada’s Aid Program

by Karen Bokma

Now that the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) is becoming part of a newly-created Department of Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development, PWS&D and CFGB supporters are being invited to send a letter to the Canadian Government to ask that the planned legislation creating this new department makes it clear that the primary objective of the aid program is to reduce poverty in developing countries.

PWS&D Joins the Reverse the Cuts Campaign

by Karen Bokma

Presbyterian World Service & Development is joining forces with churches and organizations across Canada to Reverse the Cuts! We are asking all Presbyterians to consider joining this united call. In March 2012, the Canadian government announced a reduction of more than 8% to the budget of the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) over the next […]

A Recipe for Ending Global Hunger

by Karen Bokma

Over 900 million people don’t have adequate food to live active and healthy lives. The causes of hunger are complex, but ways for people to take action don’t have to be. TheRecipe for Ending Global Hunger is simple: Thousands of generous Canadians – this means YOU. Nothing would happen without the support of those who donate […]