Take the Advent Challenge!

During Advent we celebrate the amazing gift God gave – Jesus!

This gift changed the world. It is with this same spirit of generosity that we too can make a difference for countless others in our global village this Christmas season. Together we can start an Advent revolution.

Challenge your congregation to do Advent differently.

Each week of Advent: read the stories provided on the back of the PWS&D Advent liturgies, learn more about PWS&D programs, and share the gifts of hope, peace, joy and love with those in need — at home and around the world.

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Download the Advent Challenge resource or order a printed copy by contacting Anna Muir (amuir [at] presbyterian [dot] ca, 1-800-619-7301 ext. 293).

Advent 1: Give the Gift of Hope

Misuzi Tembo is examined in her home in Malawi by midwife Tamala Chirwa.

Read Misuzi’s story, “Making Maternal Health a Priority” found on the back of PWS&D’s first Advent liturgy.

Far too many women and newborns die as a result of preventable complications during pregnancy and childbirth. In poor or marginalized communities, the lack of education, proper medical facilities and trained health professionals can make becoming a mother extremely dangerous. This is why PWS&D is working to improve health care systems so women and children can survive childbirth, stay healthy and thrive together.

Take the Advent HOPE Challenge:

Women in First Nations populations in Canada can experience difficultly accessing culturally secure and safe maternal care. Challenge your friends, family and members of your congregation to read Study 4 of Maternal and Child Health: 2013-2014 on the Women’s Missionary Society website to learn, pray and reflect on the challenges surrounding maternal health in Canada’s indigenous communities.

Image of arrow pointing downWMS Resource: Maternal and Child Health Among Canada's Aboriginal Peoples

Give the gift of Healthy Communities!

Shape a community’s strength and prosperity in Malawi by empowering volunteers to continue working to make maternal health a priority.

A gift of $180 buys a bicycle for a community volunteer promoting maternal and child health.

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Advent 2: Give the Gift of Peace

With her mother Sarah, one-year-old Martha receives treatment for severe, acute malnutrition.

Read Sarah’s story, “Saving Lives in South Sudan” found on the back of PWS&D’s second Advent liturgy.

Civil war in South Sudan has forced over one million people from their homes. Almost 4.9 million people have escaped conflict in Syria. After fleeing from fighting, they encounter displacement, hunger and uncertainty. By sponsoring refugees to Canada and supporting displaced people around the world, PWS&D helps families rebuild their lives without fear.

Take the Advent PEACE Challenge:

As an act of local ministry, lend your support to newcomers to Canada. Seek out refugee sponsorship groups in your own congregation or in your broader community and ask what items their sponsored families need to feel at peace in their new home—this could include clothing, household supplies, toys or a drive to the grocery store.

Give the Gift of Relief!

Strengthen the hearts and bodies of refugees overseas by delivering life-saving food and nutrition support.

A gift of $60 provides a family of five with an emergency food package lasting one month. 

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Advent 3: Give the Gift of Joy

The joy of learning is something every child deserves.

Read Shakira’s story “I am very happy and enjoy coming to school” found of the back of PWS&D’s third Advent liturgy.

Education is so important to create more prosperous communities. Unfortunately, cultural restrictions, poverty and conflict prevent many girls and boys from learning to read or write at school. That’s why PWS&D helps children around the world get an education to fulfill their aspirations and build brighter futures.

Take the Advent JOY Challenge:

Share the joy of learning in your congregation! Challenge youth to learn about global hunger by completing the activities in Growing Hope Around the World—PWS&D’s educational resource that accompanies the Sunday School Challenge: Farming for the Future.

Image of arrow pointing downGrowing Hope Around the World: Educational Resource

Give the Gift of a Brighter Future!

Help ensure children everywhere can claim their right to an education and help lift their communities out of poverty.

A gift of $45 trains one girl in peace, gender and human rights so she has the knowledge and confidence to build a better future. 

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Advent 4: Give the Gift of Love

Loving care goes a long way for children at St. Nicolas Hospital in Saint-Marc, Haiti.

Read the story “Compassionate Health Workers Drive Positive Change in Haiti” found on the back of PWS&D’s fourth Advent liturgy.

In developing countries, preventable illness and inadequate access to health care cause suffering for millions of people. PWS&D is sharing Christ’s love in communities by caring for the sick, treating the malnourished, preventing the spread of HIV, tackling malaria and improving access to clean water and sanitation.

Take the Advent LOVE Challenge:

Challenge your congregation to look for Christ’s love in PWS&D projects. Show the new One Mission, Two Funds video during worship and share examples of the love that you see. By sharing God’s healing love, we can build a more sustainable world.

Give the Gift of Loving Care!

Help provide children and youth with the treatment, love and support they need to overcome illness.

A gift of $60 provides recreation materials to clubs supporting youth living with HIV.

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Celebrate the Gifts of Christmas

Celebrate the gifts of Christmas!

Use the Christmas liturgy and read the reflection “Christ is Born!”

In the midst of poverty, hunger and disaster, the light of the Christ candle shines.

As we celebrate the birth of Christ, we remember God’s promise of abundant life and give the gifts of hope, peace, joy and love to serve vulnerable communities across the globe.

Challenge your congregation to hold a special offering to support the work of PWS&D. Your contribution will make a difference in the lives of people living in some of the most disadvantaged areas of the world.

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Share your Advent Challenge stories with us!

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