Advent Challenge

Take the Advent Challenge!

During Advent, we rejoice over the amazing gift God gave us—Jesus! This gift changed the world, and so can we.

This Advent season, as an expression of Christ’s hope, peace, joy and love, we invite you to take the Advent Challenge and join with us in working towards a sustainable, compassionate and just world.

Challenge your congregation to do Advent differently.

For each week of Advent, read the story on the back of the PWS&D Advent liturgy, complete the weekly challenge and share the gifts of hope, peace, joy and love that enable abundant life—at home and around the world.

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Thokozani, Peter and Mafuno challenge the stigma surrounding reproductive health.

Read Thokozani, Peter and Mafuno’s story, “Community Peer Educators Provide Hope” found on the back of PWS&D’s first Advent liturgy.

Thokozani, Peter and Mafuno are peer educators who are challenging the stigma surrounding reproductive health in Malawi. With PWS&D’s support, they travel to different villages and teach youth about family planning, preventing teenage pregnancy, HIV testing and accessing contraceptives.

Take the Advent HOPE Challenge:

This year, PWS&D completed a five-year maternal and child health project in Afghanistan and Malawi. Learn all about what the project has achieved

Give the Gift of Hope!

Equip community volunteers as they empower young people on important health issues.

$20 teaches a community leader about gender-based violence and the risks of early marriages

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Nosomakatun and her family flee, increasing violence to access lifesaving resources.

Read Nosomakatun’s story,“Rohingya Family Carries on Despite Challenges” found on the back of PWS&D’s second Advent liturgy.

Nosomakatun and her two children were forced to feel their homes in Myanmar as violence against Rohingya people increased. Their journey to find peace was filled with many challenges, including a lack of food. Thankfully, with the support of a PWS&D food assistance program, they were able to access much-needed food as they sought refuge in Bangladesh.

Take the Advent PEACE Challenge:

Currently, COVID-19 has put more people at risk of going hungry around the world. In Canada, many community food banks have seen an increase in people using their services but a decline in donations. Together with your family, gather some non-perishable food items to drop off at your local food bank.

Give the Gift of Peace!

Help those who are displaced by conflict access lifesaving resources.

$65 provides emergency food rations to a family for one month

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With nutritional support, Seraphin was able to double her weight.

Read Seraphin’s story “Boosting Bodies and Minds in Haiti” found on the back of PWS&D’s third Advent liturgy.

In Haiti, two-year-old Seraphin was severely underweight and needed immediate treatment for malnutrition and its complications. Upon arriving at Hôpital St. Marc, Seraphin was enrolled in a PWS&D program that provides therapeutic nutrition support to malnourished children. Due to the project, Seraphin’s weight doubled, giving her a healthier start to life.

Take the Advent JOY Challenge:

Challenge the youth in your congregation to join the Kids Create Change! Challenge and read the “Food for Hawa and Arfi” story prompt. Make something nutritious to share and encourage your family to reflect with gratitude that you have access to healthy food.

Give the Gift of Joy!

Help ensure children have access to nutritious food to lead healthy lives from childhood to adulthood.

$25 supplies lifesaving therapeutic food to a malnourished child

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Mothers are accessing safe and affordable medical care.

Read Murzia’s story “A Mother’s love” found on the back of PWS&D’s fourth Advent liturgy.

Murzia had experienced several difficult pregnancies, including two miscarriages. She was determined for things to be different with her fourth pregnancy. In Afghanistan, women often don’t have the money or transportation to access professional medical services. When a friend told her, she could access affordable medical care at a PWS&D supported health centre, Murzia felt relieved. There, Murzia safely welcomed her healthy baby boy.

Take the Advent LOVE Challenge:

Spread a little love to the moms and the mother figures around you. Send a card, make a call or grab a socially distanced coffee together to show your appreciation.

Give the Gift of Love!

Equip health workers to serve their communities by teaching mothers about health, nutrition and proper newborn care.

$55 trains a health care worker in maternal and child health 

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Use the Christmas liturgy and read the reflection “Christ is Born!”

In the midst of poverty, hunger and disaster, the light of the Christ candle shines.

As we celebrate the birth of Christ, we remember God’s promise of abundant life and give the gifts of hope, peace, joy and love to serve vulnerable communities across the globe.

Challenge your congregation to hold a special offering to support the work of PWS&D. Your contribution will make a difference in the lives of people living in some of the most disadvantaged areas of the world.

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Show us how you’re doing Advent differently!

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