Take the Advent Challenge!

During Advent, we rejoice over the amazing gift God gave us—Jesus! This gift changed the world, and so can we.

This Advent season, as an expression of Christ’s hope, peace, joy and love, we invite you to take the Advent Challenge and join with us in working towards a sustainable, compassionate and just world.

Challenge your congregation to do Advent differently.

For each week of Advent, read the story on the back of the PWS&D Advent liturgy, complete the weekly challenge and share the gifts of hope, peace, joy and love that enable abundant life—at home and around the world.

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Download the Advent Challenge resource or order a printed copy by contacting Karen Bokma (kbokma [at] presbyterian [dot] ca, 1-800-619-7301 ext. 240).

Advent 1: Hope Not Fear

Lucia received care and support through a PWS&D project in her community.

Read Lucia’s story, “Community Health Workers Deliver Hope” found on the back of PWS&D’s first Advent liturgy.

Lucia feared that delivering her second set of twins without care from a doctor or midwife could lead to fatal complications. When a community health worker told her she could access medical care at the PWS&D-supported Embangweni Mission Hospital near her home in Malawi, Lucia’s fear was replaced with hope. There, Lucia safely welcomed her children Blessings and Frestina into the world.

Take the Advent HOPE Challenge:

Help your friends, family or members of your congregation understand how empowering mothers overseas brings hope by making families, communities and countries healthier and more prosperous. Start a conversation about maternal, newborn and child health using Mothers Empower Others as a guide.

Give the Gift of Hope!

Equip health workers to serve their communities by teaching mothers about health, nutrition and proper newborn care.

$65 provides health education on malaria, tuberculosis and HIV

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Advent 2: Peace Not Division

Girls in Afghanistan learn about peace and human rights with PWS&D support

Read Nadira’s story, “Breaking Down Barriers in Afghanistan” found on the back of PWS&D’s second Advent liturgy.

In Nadira’s community, cultural norms have often stopped girls from going to school. Wanting to create change, Nadira participated in peace, gender and human rights workshops led by PWS&D partners. Now, she is helping her community prosper by championing for equal access to education for both girls and boys.

Take the Advent PEACE Challenge:

Who could better understand school than students? Challenge youth in your congregation to learn about the importance of universal education and the barriers keeping girls and boys out of classrooms globally with PWS&D’s new educational resource, Schools’ In. Start a peace revolution by spreading the word to friends using the hashtags #PeaceNotDivision and #AdventChallenge19.

Give the Gift of Peace!

Help build peace and prosperity by empowering girls to advocate for their rights.

$55 trains one girl in peace, gender and human rights

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Advent 3: Joy Not Exclusion

With medical support and vocational training, Abok is now self-reliant.

Read Abok’s story “Joy and Pride in Ghana” found on the back of PWS&D’s third Advent liturgy.

Abok was excluded by his friends and family because of his frequent seizures. Without a doctor’s diagnosis that would allow him to seek treatment, Abok thought he would never be self-reliant. Years later, with the support of PWS&D partners in Ghana, Abok learned that he had epilepsy. Now, after receiving care and medication as well as training to become a farmer, Abok rejoices, “I earn a good living.”

Take the Advent JOY Challenge:

Christ’s joy is often present in stories of transformation. Watch PWS&D’s leadership webinar, Updates from the Field: Malawi and Ghana, to learn about the ways PWS&D projects in Ghana are bringing joy to both women and persons with disabilities.

Give the Gift of Joy!

Help empower vulnerable women and men with the skills and confidence to improve their lives.

$125 provides a hand-sewing machine for a person living with a disability

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Advent 4: Love Not Limitation

Girls in India are supported to advocate for their rights and avoid early marriage.

Read “Restoring the Right to Childhood, Health and Opportunity” found on the back of PWS&D’s fourth Advent liturgy.

Early marriage is a violation of a child’s human rights. Around the world, approximately 12 million girls are married before the age of 18, limiting their opportunities for the future. PWS&D supports community health workers in India who are showing love by helping girls realize their right to sexual and reproductive health care, control over their bodies, and the chance to decide if and when they get married.

Take the Advent LOVE Challenge:

Express your love for the women in your life. Send a card to a colleague or pick up coffee for a new mom in your congregation who might be feeling overwhelmed. Call your sister, daughter, mother or grandmother, and tell them how much they are appreciated.

Give the Gift of Love!

Help protect girls from exploitation and ensure a life of opportunity.

$20 teaches a young person about sexual reproductive health and preventing teen pregnancy

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Celebrate the Gifts of Christmas

Use the Christmas liturgy and read the reflection “Christ is Born!”

In the midst of poverty, hunger and disaster, the light of the Christ candle shines.

As we celebrate the birth of Christ, we remember God’s promise of abundant life and give the gifts of hope, peace, joy and love to serve vulnerable communities across the globe.

Challenge your congregation to hold a special offering to support the work of PWS&D. Your contribution will make a difference in the lives of people living in some of the most disadvantaged areas of the world.

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Show us how you’re doing Advent differently!

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You can also send your stories and photos to Karen Bokma at kbokma [at] presbyterian [dot] ca and we will share them online.