“The extensive rain and floods damaged our homes, livestock, and agricultural lands and took many lives. We pray that God will have mercy on us and will not send the same extreme weather conditions next year. We pray to have a peaceful year ahead,” shared Dhayani, a resident near the city of Khairpur.

Cash transfers are helping families affected by the floods meet their immediate food needs.

Months after the floods and landslides, the damage is still being felt across the country. More than 1,700 people were killed, and 33 million people have been affected.

In response, Community World Service Asia (CWSA), PWS&D’s partner in Pakistan, has been providing assistance to help alleviate some of the stress associated with such a disastrous situation.

Three cash transfers are being distributed to 6,625 households (about 43,000 people). The first distribution took place in December, with the remaining distributions planned for January and February. Cash transfers allow families to purchase the food they need at local markets—improving food security and helping the economy,

As flood waters recede and some communities return home, many are hopeful for the year ahead. “We have prepared our lands to have a better yield in the coming year. May God help us grow, flourish the lands, and enable us to sell our yield for a good price. This will help us grow economically and financially,” expressed Mohammad Ashraf.

Generous Presbyterian contributions of over $47,000 are helping make this $2.25 million project possible. Additional support from Canadian Foodgrains Bank, the Humanitarian Coalition and the Government of Canada has allowed us to maximize donations to go so much further.

Your prayers and generosity have been vital—thank you!