Farhan receives therapeutic food at an outpatient clinic in Somalia.

The weather is harsh; life is more difficult for the children, they are very thin and sick most of the time due to lack of food and extreme weather conditions at night and day,” says Siman Sokorow.

Siman’s eight-month-old son, Farhan, is one of the many Somali children under five who has been admitted to hospital for treatment this year.

Two months ago, Farhan became ill. He was severely dehydrated due to vomiting and diarrhea, and had a cough and fever. At hospital, he was admitted for severe malnutrition and started medication and rehydration treatment.

The general humanitarian situation in Somalia is worsening, with famine alerts being declared in some parts of the country. Humanitarian needs are extremely high due to the impacts of four consecutive seasons of poor rainfall and high food prices, made worse of conflict and insecurity, and disease outbreaks.

The food situation is fragile and could further deteriorate without urgent intervention.

Additionally, the United Nations has reported that almost one million people have been displaced due to the drought. The internally displaced people have left their homes in search of food, water and pasture. Over 1.8 million children are at risk of malnutrition.

Farhan and his parents and younger sibling are currently living in an IDP camp. They struggle to make ends meet in the camp. His father’s casual job does not raise enough to support the family.

But for now, at least, Farhan is receiving the treatment he needs to recover from malnutrition. In the hospital stabilization centre, Farhan received therapeutic milk and medication, including antibiotics and anti-malarial drugs. After two weeks of monitoring and treatment, Farhan was discharged from the centre and admitted to the Trócaire-supported outpatient clinic.

A nurse treats a child admitted for malnutrition.

At the clinic, Farhan will continue to have weekly assessment and receive therapeutic and supplementary food until he is fully recovered. “He has been sick and weak most of the time, but after the treatment he has improved, he can now play and run around, thanks to Trócaire and all those involved for the invaluable support,” shares his mother, Siman.

This project, which PWS&D supports through Canadian Foodgrains Bank, is helping treat children under the age of five and lactating women who are experiencing malnutrition. Over the course of the project, more than 22,000 people will receive assistance.

PWS&D is also providing support to an ADRA Canada project, through Canadian Foodgrains Bank, providing 12 months of food assistance (through cash transfers) to almost 500 drought-affected households.

You can support PWS&D’s ongoing response in Somalia. To make a donation, click the button below, call 1-800-619-7301, mail a cheque to the office or give through your congregation. Indicate that your donation is for “Somalia Relief.”



*This project receives support from Canadian Foodgrains Bank. PWS&D is a member of the Foodgrains Bank, a partnership of 15 churches and church agencies working together to end global hunger. This project is being undertaken with generous support from the Government of Canada.