In Victoria, BC, the Together in Motion team celebrated the beautiful weather as they got moving for food security.

This October, supporters throughout Canada laced up to make a difference in the first ever PWS&D Journey for Hope.

“As the nine Gale Riders set off to cycle 17 km,” commented Darlene Vandermey, leader of the team from Gale Presbyterian Church in Elmira, ON, “God blessed us with beautiful sunshine. The most beautiful part was a trail beside the Grand River where we witnessed many geese and the beauty of nature that God gives in trees, plants and bushes.”

This new fundraiser builds on the passion of those who have biked, walked, or done other activities over the past seven years in the Ride for Refuge in support of PWS&D’s food security and maternal, newborn and child health programs. This year, over $21,000 has been raised to support PWS&D ongoing food security response.

The Rev. William Ball, of the Edmonton Lakeland Amblers, reflected on the many ways people were involved at his church. “Most of us gathered at Dayspring Presbyterian Church where people put together as many puzzles as possible in 2 hours, played cribbage, ping-pong and Dungeon and Dragons. Another group set off along the picturesque White Mud Creek Ravine trail.”

A Global Crisis

The world is currently experiencing an urgent food crisis, triggered by climate change, the COVID-19 pandemic and conflicts around the world, including the invasion of Ukraine. “Frankly, we were already falling short of meeting our food-security targets, prior to 2020. However, the situation is now critical,” testifies UN General Assembly President Abdulla Shahid. One of the things that can help, he explains, is securing “sustainable agriculture.”

PWS&D works with Canadian Foodgrains Bank and our global partners to help people in marginalized countries rise above hunger. Together, we provide farmers with training and farm inputs so that families have more nutritious food to eat. We also provide emergency food relief in the wake of disasters. The funds raised through the Journey for Hope support this essential work.

Supporters in Edmonton, AB walked and played games to raise funds in the first ever Journey for Hope.

Passionate about Food Security

This issue of global hunger hits close to home for Darlene, who shared, “The Journey for Hope project of global food security is something everyone on the team and all those who donated to Gale Riders earnestly wanted to support.”

The passionate response from riders, crafters and donors in the four provinces (Alberta, British Columbia, Ontario and Saskatchewan) where the Journey happened is only growing. “First-timers expressed their enjoyment of the activities and willingness to repeat the experience,” commented William, while in Victoria BC, Laura Kavanagh was encouraged by the “great team effort from everyone.”