Pakistan is currently being devastated by widespread flooding and landslides caused by severe monsoon rains. There has been significant loss of human life, property, and infrastructure. Join us in praying for safety and security for the millions of people affected by the ongoing crisis.

The country has received almost three times the yearly average for rain, even as more falls. One third of the country is inundated, with water unlikely to recede soon. The United Nations estimates that 33 million people are affected; 6.4 million people require emergency assistance.

In Sindh province, where PWS&D has been supporting work with our partner, Community World Service Asia, farm families were still recovering from loss of crops and property due to flooding in 2020. The current disaster means they require urgent humanitarian support.

PWS&D is planning an emergency response that would provide monthly cash assistance to over 5,000 families for a four-month period. This cash will help families affected by the flooding to meet their immediate food needs.

You can support this life-saving assistance by donating to PWS&D through your church, mailing a cheque to the office, donating online or calling 1-800-619-7301 x291. Please mark donations as “Pakistan Relief.”