PWS&D has joined other Canadian aid organizations in asking the Government of Canada to immediately remove barriers that have blocked and deterred the provision of lifesaving humanitarian assistance to people in Afghanistan for the past year.

Canadians can also raise their voices and influence the government by sending an e-mail to their Member of Parliament at

Close to 23 million people in Afghanistan need humanitarian support because of conflict, extreme drought and the lingering impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic. When the Taliban took over the country in August 2021, PWS&D was unable to continue our long history of work in Afghanistan. We were unable to send funds to Afghanistan due to Canadian sanctions and a restrictive interpretation of the Canadian Criminal Code’s Anti-Terrorism provisions.

As the situation in Afghanistan deteriorated, leaving millions of people vulnerable to hunger, the UN requested that countries find a solution and reduce restrictions when it comes to providing aid to the people of Afghanistan. And many Canadian allies, including the United States, the UK, the EU and Australia took steps to allow aid organizations to provide life-saving support.

And while many thought that Canada would quickly find a way for aid organizations to provide support, it has not yet happened.

Now is the time for the Canadian government to remove these barriers so that Canadian aid organizations can get on with providing support to the millions of Afghans who need support. allows people to send a letter to their MP, which will also copy key government leaders so that they are aware that compassionate Canadians believe the women, men and children of Afghanistan should be supported.

 Together, we can make a difference.