In Afghanistan, nearly 23 million people—half of the population—are projected to be acutely food insecure in 2022. PWS&D has a food assistance project ready to roll out but is currently unable to begin implementation.

Since the Taliban takeover of Afghanistan in August 2021, PWS&D has not been able to provide urgent humanitarian assistance to those who desperately need it. Like other Canadian charitable organizations, it has been impossible to send funds to Afghanistan because of provisions in Canada’s Criminal Code which brand sending funds to the country as a potential criminal act. Terminology in the code that prohibits “directly or indirectly” supporting the Taliban does not provide specificity regarding what humanitarian actions might be allowed. Organizations like PWS&D could be at risk of losing their charitable status simply for saving lives in Afghanistan.

Other nations, including the UK, US, Germany and Australia have found solutions to facilitate humanitarian exemptions in the same situation. With other Canadian charities, PWS&D has been advocating to the Government of Canada that a humanitarian exemption be made here as well.

Your voice can make a difference. Ask the Canadian government to make an exemption that would allow humanitarian assistance to be sent to Afghanistan.

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