When the Taliban took control of Afghanistan in August, an atmosphere of uncertainty prevailed in the country. Large numbers of people fled to urban centres in hopes of exiting the country, leaving their homes and livelihoods behind. Many are struggling to make ends meet.

With a new government in place, significant concerns are on the horizon. A collapsing economy, soaring prices, widespread impoverishment, rapidly spreading hunger, and restrictions on the banking system impeding access to cash are just a few.

The World Food Program reports 14 million Afghans—one in three—are currently facing severe hunger. Acute malnutrition is above emergency levels in 27 of 34 provinces.

Moreover, the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) says 97% of Afghanistan’s 40-million-person population could fall below the poverty line by mid-2022.

As winter sets in, these numbers will only get worse.

PW&SD Responds

 PWS&D is responding with an experienced local partner to provide emergency food assistance. Through an ecumenical collaboration with members of Canadian Foodgrains Bank monthly cash distributions will be provided to some of the families experiencing the greatest need. Matching funds are being leveraged for this project, enabling as many people as possible to receive help.

The $2.2 million response will see 2,550 families (approximately 17,850 people) receive USD $90 a month over a six-month period. Priority is being placed on women-headed households, the elderly and people with disabilities.

Families will be able to purchase food and pay for necessary items, with the hopes of livelihood recovery in the new year.

Similar to a food assistance project in Afghanistan earlier this year, which helped families dealing with the effects of COVID-19, the new project targets families in Bamyan province.

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