This image of Amerika Tharu after treatment for leprosy shows the difference it made for him to access help from the PWS&D-supported Shining Hospital.

PWS&D-supported health care facilities in many countries around the world help make sure people who are sick receive the proper diagnosis and treatment. They also support adults’ and children’s mental health, and spur financial security for individuals, families and entire communities. By addressing people’s complex needs, they help bring about abundant life.

Amerika – before treatment.

Amerika Tharu is a 52-year-old carpenter from Nepal. In early 2020, he developed a fever, and swelling began to break out on his face. Seeking help at two
different hospitals, Amerika was wrongly diagnosed, and underwent expensive treatment.

For months, Amerika continued to deal with breathing difficulties and patches on his face and hands. His poor health affected every area of his life, including his career.

In December 2020, Amerika’s son brought him to see a doctor, who suspected Amerika may have leprosy. He knew help was available at the PWS&D-supported Shining Hospital, so he sent Amerika to see the trained professionals there. After the doctor’s suspicion was confirmed by Shining Hospital’s medical staff, Amerika received the treatment he needed, enabling him to return home.

More Than Medical Support

Bhachini Devi was able to restock her shelves with help from PWS&D-supported Duncan Hospital.

In India, Bhachini Devi is a business owner. Spending her days in her small shop, she takes pride in selling items in her community in order to support family.

Sadly, four years ago Bhachini lost her husband to tuberculosis. Not three years later, her oldest son also succumbed to the deadly disease. Grieving—and on unstable financial ground after paying for treatment for her son—Bhachini did not know what to do.

Project staff from Duncan Hospital, a centre which provides mental health support to young women and adolescents, reached out to Bhachini. They listened to her story and gave Bhachini the support she needed as she grieved. They also provided Bhachini with funds to restock her shelves, enabling her to reopen her store. Now, Bhachini’s business is running well.

Both Amerika and Bhachini reflect on the help they received from PWS&D with joy and gratitude for the difference it made in their lives. PWS&D’s global health programs go beyond providing quality medical care, to also help improve people’s overall quality of life.

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