It has been just over three months since a devastating earthquake shook people’s homes along the southern peninsula of Haiti. The destruction families faced was made worse by tropical storm Grace two days later. With 130,000 homes damaged or destroyed, many people are still grieving more than just their dwellings: they lost their livelihoods, or had to say goodbye to loved ones.

While mention of this disaster in the news has subsided, Haitians still face severe needs for shelter, personal items, sanitation supplies and food. Generous support from individuals and congregations across Canada is enabling a significant response to the disaster.

PWS&D is helping people in Haiti rebuild their homes, using learnings from successful rebuilding projects in 2016.

PWS&D is responding through the ACT Alliance to support 400 families in their efforts to rebuild their homes. The response is modeled after successful rebuilding projects following Hurricane Matthew in 2016. The response will also provide non-food items for 1,500 families, nutritious food for 1,300 families, and agricultural support for 500 farmers seeking the supplies they need to resume their work.

Disasters are especially debilitating for people who were already vulnerable. PWS&D’s response is also providing cash that will allow single mothers and people with disabilities to purchase groceries and other supplies from local markets.

Your support helps PWS&D respond to current and future disasters.