Access to food has become a critical issue in Afghanistan, but we can respond and help people get through a most challenging time.

In October, the United Nations estimated that over 18 million Afghans—half of the country’s population—are facing a humanitarian crisis. Currently 1 in 3 people are hungry and 2 million children are malnourished. The numbers will only increase as winter sets in.

PWS&D is planning an emergency food assistance project with an experienced partner on the ground. This project is in partnership with Canadian Foodgrains Bank which provides access to matching funds, meaning donations will reach as many people as possible.

Cash transfers to the most vulnerable families will help them buy food and pay for critical items, with the hopes of livelihood recovery in the new year. Aid to internally displaced people and host communities, with a focus on women-headed households, the elderly and people with disabilities, will have an enormous impact.

Join us in praying for the people of Afghanistan, given the ever-evolving situation on the ground and the serious humanitarian crisis that is developing.

The worsening situation in Afghanistan means our support and solidarity are needed now more than ever. Please give today!



You can support our work by clicking the button above, making a donation through your church, mailing a cheque to the office or calling 1-800-619-7301 x291. Please mark your donation “Afghanistan Relief.”

Download this video to use during your worship service.

A PowerPoint slide is also available for use during your worship service.

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If you require assistance, please contact Stephanie Chunoo (schunoo [at] presbyterian [dot] ca).