Conflict is the cause of food insecurity in many areas of the world. In fact, 77 million acutely food insecure people live in countries where conflict is the primary driver of hunger. Moreover, in eight out of 10 of the world’s leading food crises, clashes and insecurity are among the key elements of severe hunger.

Conflicts not only displace farmers and destroy food stocks, but also disrupts markets, causing inflation and putting many people’s livelihoods at risk. As a result, people are being pushed towards starvation, poverty and malnutrition.

PWS&D is responding to those in need due to conflict and hunger.


Since the start of the conflict five years ago, more than 20 million people have become food insecure, of which 15.9 million people remain severely food insecure despite ongoing humanitarian food assistance.

PWS&D is supporting ADRA-Yemen (through Canadian Foodgrains Bank) to provide food vouchers to the most susceptible families in the Harib Al Qaramish District, Marib Governorate. These vouchers will allow for the purchase of food items such as wheat flour, beans, oil, sugar and salt. Over an eight-month period, 1,150 households will receive monthly voucher distributions.


Syria has been facing conflict for the past 10 years. As a result, many people have become internally and internationally displaced, making the need for ongoing food assistance great. In addition, high prices, inflation, and few employment opportunities contribute to continued high levels of vulnerability.

PWS&D, through World Renew and the Foodgrains Bank, is providing 6,000 families (about 30,000 individuals) with food baskets each month to help them navigate the many uncertainties they face.

Ethiopia – Tigray 

Over one year ago, the Ethiopian government sent troops into Tigray, escalating a long-standing political disagreement. As a result, almost half a million internally displaced people still lack adequate shelter, water, sanitation and hygiene facilities, and reliable access to food.

To respond, PWS&D is supporting a three-month food assistance project with Canadian Foodgrains Bank. Additionally, PWS&D’s partner in the Tigray region will host three sites to provide inpatient support to people with mental health issues, the chronically ill, and elderly people in need of care. Daily meals, including locally available food and nutritionally fortified supplements, will be provided to clients at these homes.

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