Join us in praying for the people of Afghanistan given the rapidly changing situation on the ground and the serious humanitarian situation that is developing.

PWS&D has a long history of support for relief and development in Afghanistan. We are in regular contact with our partner, supporting projects can still be implemented and planning to meet growing need.

For the last 20 years, we have responded to urgent food needs and supported girls’ education and maternal and child health projects to help improve livelihoods in the country. We are pleased that schools are reopening across the country and many children have been able to return to school.

Displaced Afghans in Kabul are receiving emergency support from PWS&D.

Pray for safety and security for our partner, their staff and all those who are experiencing heightened anxiety and food insecurity because of recent developments.

Through existing coalitions, PWS&D is helping to provide emergency relief to Afghans displaced in Kabul.

The Canadian government recently announced that 20,000 refugees from Afghanistan would be welcome to the country and is looking to private sponsors to help provide the necessary support. Details are yet to come, but if your congregation is interested in sponsoring Afghan refugees, please contact sponsorship [at] presbyterian [dot] ca for more information.

You can support our ongoing work in Afghanistan by clicking below, making a donation through your church, mailing a cheque to the office or calling 1-800-619-7301 x291.