Fact 1: PWS&D has a network of volunteers called Champions

A PWS&D Champion is a volunteer who stays informed about PWS&D’s projects and partners, promotes the work of PWS&D in their community, and encourages others to get involved. Many congregations and missions committees have PWS&D Champions—and we’re always welcoming more!

Fact 2: There are PWS&D Champions across Canada!

From Victoria, BC to Brandon, MB to Fredericton, NB, Champions in many regions across Canada are connecting their communities with the work of PWS&D.

Fact 3: Dedicated volunteers have been advocating for the work of PWS&D for many years

While the Champions Network initiative began in 2018, throughout PWS&D’s history many individuals have volunteered to support the work of PWS&D. We’re grateful for everyone who has organized an event or Growing Project, or let their congregation know about ways to respond to needs around the world through PWS&D and our partners.

Participating in the Ride for Refuge is one of the ways volunteers champion for the work of PWS&D.

Fact 4: Champions gather every month to pray for the work of PWS&D

Did you know? The work of PWS&D and the ministries of local churches are remembered in prayer every month by these volunteers. You can download the Champions Pray guides at WeRespond.ca/be-a-champion to join this initiative.

Fact 5: Champions raise support for PWS&D in many creative ways

Whether a sports tournament, a bake sale or a concert, PWS&D Champions organize events in their community’s specific style in order to raise support for PWS&D. You can learn more about an upcoming, Canada-wide PWS&D fundraiser called the Ride For Refuge by visiting WeRespond.ca/rideforrefuge.

Bonus fact: You can become a PWS&D Champion!

You can champion for the work of PWS&D, too! If you’d like to learn more about becoming a PWS&D Champion, visit WeRespond.ca/be-a-champion or contact Emma Clarke at eclarke [at] presbyterian [dot] ca.