Adelina lives with her husband Rafael and their 11 children in the highlands of Guatemala.

In Guatemala, 43-year-old Adelina López Vásquez lives with her husband Rafael and their family in Comitancillo, in the highlands of Guatemala. Adelina is a health and nutrition promotor in her community and a member of “San Juaneritas,” a group of women working together on agricultural projects.

The mother of 11—five boys and six girls—recalls that her life was very different before taking on the role. “Because my community is in a remote place with little access to roads and markets, we had little knowledge about adequate preparation of healthy and nutritious foods,” she reflects. “I didn’t put much importance in maintaining a healthy and nutritious diet for my family,” she adds.

Through PWS&D supported workshops, Adelina learned healthy and nutritious recipes to prepare for her family.

But through training workshops hosted by AMMID—PWS&D’s partner in Guatemala—Adelina gained new knowledge and skills.

During the sessions, she learned the importance of maintaining a clean workspace to avoid germs and the benefits of preparing foods with fresh ingredients grown in her community instead of buying prepared foods.

Additionally, “I learned new recipes that my family enjoys eating. I prepare meals for my family accompanied with fresh ingredients that are sources of vitamins,” Adelina shares.

Support through the pandemic 

The training Adelina received on the topics of home hygiene and maintaining a healthy and nutritious diet have also helped both her and her community navigate through the COVID-19 pandemic.

“I am able to put into practice specifically the correct way to wash hands,” she reveals.

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