Even though their congregations couldn’t meet in person, Presbyterians welcomed spring 2021 by coming together to make a difference. Here are just two examples of the unique, inspiring events that are happening in communities across Canada to help create a more sustainable, compassionate and just world.

Pancakes and Syrup and Berries, Oh My!

This year, Presbyterian congregations thought outside the box to commemorate Shrove Tuesday.

St. Andrew’s in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan invited community members to purchase pancake kits complete with delicious toppings like apples and blueberries. Then, they welcomed over 70 people from several churches for an online gathering featuring live music, poetry, prayer and a special message from a PWS&D committee member. The event raised $695 to support PWS&D’s agricultural work.

Walking and Rolling for PWS&D

From February 21 to March 21, students at Knox PC in Waterloo, Ontario participated in a Walk- and Roll-A-Thon which raised $3,160 in support of PWS&D’s food security work. Children from preschool to senior high travelled an outstanding 814.4 km—more than five times their goal—to help families around the world make it through the COVID-19 pandemic. Carole Clyde-Ellis, Knox’s Faith Formation Coordinator, reflects, “This is a wonderful example of loving our neighbours whether they are near or far.”

We’re grateful for all the creative ways communities are engaging to raise support for PWS&D. To share your story, email Stephanie Chunoo ( schunoo [at] presbyterian [dot] ca).