These days, many families continue to have extra time at home with their children. When the school day’s done and everyone’s had a little rest, why not take the opportunity for a conversation about being generous?

Love Your Neighbour

Did you have yet another cold, wintery week? Or is spring in the air? If your children usually help you shovel your drive or clean up the front lawn, ask them to point out an extra house that you can take care of together—the next door neighbour’s or someone a block over whose dog they like to pet. This way both you and your kids can explore what it means to do acts of selfless service.

Donate to a Local Food Bank

As people all around the world struggle with the loss of income caused by COVID-19, food banks are finding their shelves emptied very quickly. Sit down with your son or daughter and have them list a few of their favorite foods. Then, the next time you are in the grocery store, buy a few extra tubs of peanut butter or bags of spaghetti and drop them off at the local food pantry.

Your family can help support food security around the world.

Collect Funds for PWS&D

Find a way that’s meaningful for your family to designate funds for PWS&D. Whether it’s making a donation of the same amount to food security work each time you order dinner in, or becoming a monthly donor, make sure to engage in conversations as a family about why it’s so important to embrace generosity.

Become PWS&D Champions… As a Family!

You don’t have to be a grown-up to advocate for the work of PWS&D—in fact, PWS&D Champions of all ages find volunteering a great way to use creativity and learn leadership skills. Visit to learn more about this meaningful way to get involved.