In Malawi, gender training is an important part of conservation agriculture training—empowering women to have a voice in decisions made on family farms. Photo: Paul Jeffrey

On March 8, we celebrate an important day—International Women’s Day. On this day, we commemorate the achievements women have made, raise awareness about women’s equality and continue to advocate for gender fairness.

This year the International Women’s Day theme is #ChooseToChallenge. When we choose to challenge the world by calling out gender discrepancies, we spark change and bring attention to issues that hinder an inclusive world.

PWS&D is committed to­­­­­ world where gender equality exists. Working in AfghanistanMalawiIndiaGuatemalaNicaragua and Ghana, we strive to support vulnerable girls and women to live a life where they can meet their ambitions and do so healthily and happily.


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[accordion_section title=”ACT Alliance Gender Justice Initiative”]

The ACT Alliance has a short documentary film on Gender Justice and Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights that lays out the progressive vision of many faith groups, in support of gender justice, women’s rights, protection of LGBTQI people, the right to contraception, prevention of HIV and the prevention of Gender-Based Violence.



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