During the season of Advent, we prepare to celebrate the birth of Christ. Yet, this year has been difficult for so many both here in Canada and around the world. As we consider the hope and peace Christ brings, we can remember those in need through a potluck of prayers.

Pray with Your Congregation

Through the Gifts of Change catalogue, many people are supporting PWS&D’s work to alleviate the effects of poverty around the world. From school supplies for children to seeds that help farmers support their families year after year, often there’s a special reason a gift is meaningful to the giver. Ask for testimonies of why congregants chose specific Gifts of Change, and turn them into a video to share with your congregation, or a story in your next congregational newsletter. Then, ask your congregation to pray for the people receiving the gifts.

Pray with Your Circle

PWS&D’s refugee support program is helping people displaced from their homes and separated from their families due to violent political unrest. As you celebrate Christmas morning, whether alone or with those in your bubble, offer up the following prayer for peace (adapted from PWS&D’s Liturgy for the Second Sunday in Advent):

 In this season of Advent, we celebrate God’s peace.

Jesus Christ, born the Prince of Peace,
calls our family to justice
and leads us in the way of peace.

We call one another to honesty and humility
and respond to each other with abundant grace and forgiveness.

Our family values relationships.
We live in harmony with one another even when we disagree,
and strive to glorify God in everything we do.

Our family longs for unity.
We work together with others,
and live out God’s reconciling love for all the world to see.

Together, we are a sign of God’s peace in the world.
God of all people and all nations,
you break through the cynicism of our world
and lead us like a gentle shepherd.
Open our eyes to see the signs of your coming kingdom
and inspire us to participate in all you are doing
in Jesus’ name. Amen.

Pray with PWS&D Champions

Do you want to connect with others passionate about the work of PWS&D? The first Wednesday of each month, volunteers—called PWS&D Champions—join together for a time of prayer. To learn more about becoming a PWS&D Champion or download the Champions Pray resource to share with your community, visit WeRespond.ca/Be-A-Champion.