Robina lives with her mother, father and five siblings in Afghanistan.

Robina lives with her mother, father and five siblings in a make-shift house in Nangarhar Province, Afghanistan. Both of her parents are unemployed. Right now, Robina is the only member of her family in school—but it’s not just because of COVID-19.

In Afghanistan, 62 percent of children don’t attend school. Poverty is one of the main causes; often, families with many children can’t afford uniforms and school supplies for each child.

Girls are affected inequitably because of a common cultural belief that if girls study, they bring shame on their families. Only one in five students in Afghan schools are female, and only about one in ten adult women are literate.

A Mother’s Wish
Robina’s mother wishes that all her children could go to school. As someone who did not have this opportunity herself, she knows education is important for each one of them to build a sustainable future.

“If I had gotten an education, I wouldn’t be in this situation today; I would be able to take care of my children. Even if my husband didn’t have work, my life would still be okay.”

PWS&D is passionate about bringing about a world in which all children have access to quality education. Starting at the community level, Community World Service Asia (PWS&D’s local partner in Afghanistan) helps parents and religious leaders understand girls’ rights—most importantly, the right to education. Further, a heavy focus is placed on ensuring high quality education for girls by training teachers and improving facilities. Since 2017, this project has benefitted 24 girls’ schools.

COVID-19 Complications
These days, there’s an extra hurdle to education around the world: COVID-19. In Afghanistan, schools are being equipped with access to water and sanitation services and hygiene supplies. Special effort is being made to help teachers develop and share safeguards against the virus with their students. Teachers are also being empowered with the skills to provide remote learning services to students as situations allow.

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