Presbyterians across Canada are showing God’s love through creative activities in support of PWS&D’s work.

Here are just three of the many ways Presbyterians are having an impact and providing hope in our world!

 Protecting Each Other

The reusable masks.

A champion at St Andrews’s Presbyterian Church in Fredericton, New Brunswick, has been hard at work, sewing masks in light of COVID-19. The reusable masks are being given to friends and family with a suggestion to make a donation to PWS&D to help purchase protective equipment. Along with detailed instructions on how to use the masks or how they could make masks themselves, this champion is educating about PWS&D’s response to the pandemic. With the donations received because of the masks, St Andrew’s was able to purchase enough PPE for three health workers in Africa!

 Sweet Treats

The youth of Knox Waterloo at their bake sale.

The Sunday School of Knox Presbyterian Church in Waterloo, Ontario, participated in PWS&D’s Sunday School Challenge Opening Classroom Doors, to raise funds to send children to school. The youth baked and sold cookies, as well as hosting a hot dog lunch and selling marigold plants they had planted earlier. With these great events and their congregation encouraged to match the funds, the Sunday school was able to raise $1,400, allowing them to help four children attend school!

Going once, going twice!

Bidding at the Gifts of Change auction.

St Paul’s Presbyterian Church in Thornbury, Ontario, held a Gifts of Change auction over a delicious turkey dinner where participants bid on different items from the Gifts of Change catalogue. A second part of the evening featured a bake sale where desserts baked by the men of the congregation were auctioned off. Both events were delicious and very popular, raising a total of $18,900!

To share how you or your congregation is supporting PWS&D, email Stephanie Chunoo (schunoo [at] presbyterian [dot] ca).