Whether getting them dirty in the garden or scrubbing them squeaky clean in the sink, your hands can help you remember the meaningful work of PWS&D to support people around the world.

Growing in the garden

Do you have a green thumb? Use the time you spend with your family in the garden or caring for indoor plants for a meaningful discussion! You can talk about food insecurity or the sustainable agricultural practices that are helping communities have more secure futures and increase their resilience to crises like COVID-19. Learn more and watch a short video about food security here.

Sharing by the sink

Experts recommend washing your hands for 20 seconds to stave off germs. This is the same number of dollars that can provide protective equipment for health workers through PWS&D’s COVID-19 response. Consider making a gift to help those affected access food, sanitation and hygiene, protective equipment and psychosocial support, with a focus on gender justice and the protection of highly vulnerable populations.

Thoughtfulness at the table

If you fold your hands in grace before digging into dinner, consider making special effort to pray one of the prayers in Canadian Foodgrains Bank’s collection of prayers for families affected by coronavirus. Especially during this time, it is important to remember

  • those who have lost their loved ones, homes and hope
  • those who are imprisoned, homeless, landless, exiled or settled in refugee camps where conditions are crowded and social distancing is impossible
  • those who rely on food assistance for their daily food, from school meals, rations or food banks
  • those churches and organizations working to help
  • the forgotten ones who are alone or can’t access health care where it is available

Want to spend more time in prayer? Join Champions Pray on the first Wednesday of each month. If you’re interested in taking part but are not yet a Champion, please contact Emma Clarke (eclarke [at] presbyterian [dot] ca).

 Advocate from anywhere!

The impact of COVID-19 will disproportionally harm those who are already vulnerable, both here in Canada and in developing countries. It’s important to advocate for Canada’s support for people facing hunger. Pencil and paper in hand, engage your children in writing a thoughtful letter to the government, or visit the Canadian Foodgrains Bank website to send an ePostcard to your Member of Parliament.