Halidu Dayuma spends his days managing a prosperous and bustling training center in Ghana, where he teaches kente weaving and dressmaking.

When Halidu was just 13 years old, his right leg was amputated after a chronic sore he developed didn’t heal. Halidu spent three months in the hospital, where he recovered and learned how to use his new artificial limb.

Halidu guides one of his students who is learning how to weave.

While recovering, Halidu enrolled in PWS&D supported workshops that provided him with vocational skill training as well as instruction in weaving, tailoring and dressmaking. After graduating, Halidu started his own business teaching other students. So far, he has helped train 44 apprentices.

Local partners, with PWS&D support, are working together to create a just and inclusive world for those with disabilities. The Garu Community Based Rehabilitation (CBR) program has helped many people like Halidu lead a productive and healthy life. The program focuses on equipping those with disabilities with skills to obtain a livelihood and access to inclusive education.

Halidu is grateful for the program, “I owe the CBR program and all their partners, especially PWS&D in Canada, a great deal of gratitude for contributing positively to my life. I am who I am today because of your generous work and love. God bless you.”