*Currently, the number of COVID-cases in Nepal is low. PWS&D’s partner in Nepal, the International Nepal Fellowship, is practicing all necessary safety precautions at their health facilities and continuously monitoring the situation.

Health programs do so much more than make sure medicine is available to people in need. In Nepal, when people struggling with skin conditions walk through the doors of the PWS&D supported Shining Hospital, they can stop their long, costly search for answers.

It had been three years since Devika visited the hospital close to her home in Rukum district, Nepal, to get her leg checked out. “These don’t work,” she would think, day after day, about the medicines the doctor had prescribed without giving her a diagnosis. “My leg is still tingling.”

Devika before the treatment.

One day, after noticing more problems on her skin, Devika visited another clinic. Then another. Then she tried a traditional healer. As her symptoms continued to get worse, the answer seemed impossible to find.

Praising the solutions she had found there for her own skin condition, one of Devika’s friends suggested she visit the Shining Hospital. For more than two decades, the hospital has raised awareness about leprosy, supported people affected by the condition with diagnosis and treatment, and helped them reintegrate into their communities through vocational training.

The professionals at Shining Hospital helped Devika understand she had leprosy, provided her with the medicine she needed to get better and, truly knowledgeable about the disease and treatment, warned her about possible side effects so she was prepared when members of her community told her “You’re possessed by a spirit” and “You need to visit the traditional healer.”

Devika after receiving treatment.

Reflecting on her experience at the Shining Hospital, Devika says, “It has helped me a lot to detect my disease and I am very pleased to receive all the treatment and support. I am really grateful.”