Look out the window today and you’ll most likely see winter, still going strong. Soon, though, the warm spring sun will melt the snow. It’s not too early to begin dreaming of ways to engage your congregation in the work of PWS&D this spring—or summer or fall!

While it’s still winter, you can invite friends inside for a warm activity. Engage them in knitting hats and scarves, which you can sell to others in your community in support of PWS&D’s maternal, newborn and child health program.

This spring share the stories of people achieving transformation by using PWS&D’s Lent liturgies. Visit WeRespond.ca/worship to order these and other resources!

Girls play basketball during a recess from school in Comitancillo, Guatemala.
Photo: Paul Jeffrey

Can you bend it like Beckham? In the summertime, consider holding a fundraising tournament: soccer, baseball or Ultimate Frisbee. Use space outside your church or at the local park, and donate each team’s registration fee to PWS&D’s refugee support program. You can even have a tots game for the youngest athletes—fun for the whole family!

As Thanksgiving nears, gather a group of people from your congregation to offer prayers of gratitude for the amazing things being done around the world to eradicate diseases such as HIV/AIDS. Then, pray for people within your circle and around the world dealing with health challenges.

Being a PWS&D Champion for Change is a fun, meaningful way to support PWS&D. Learn more or tell us “I’m in!” at WeRespond.ca/be-a-champion.