Cristina Flete is a mother of two—a four-year-old and a four-month-old. When Cristina had her first baby, she didn’t know about the impact exclusive breastfeeding or early childhood development activities could affect the long-term health of her children. In Villa Guadalupe, where Cristina lives, many young mothers are unaware of the importance of these activities.

Mothers play with their babies to help stimulate their minds.

One day, she decided to attend a workshop facilitated by SOYNICA, PWS&D’s local partner in Nicaragua. While there she learned how vital breast milk was for developing children’s minds, as well as how to develop materials to stimulate her child’s brain.

Girls and boys under the age of two who experience chronic malnutrition are more likely to suffer from long-term health problems, including chronic illnesses like diarrhea and respiratory problems. Often, many families lack the proper knowledge of how to care for young children as well as how to stimulate their brains.

PWS&D is helping bring awareness to families of the importance of improving dietary practices—to improve overall health in households, teach correct techniques for exclusive breastfeeding and educate families with activities and exercises to help with childhood development. Breastfeeding from birth up until two years of age—the first 1,000 days of life—provides the optimal foundation for children’s brain development and proper building blocks for long-term good health.

Two mothers learn how to make soy milk.

Through the workshops mothers and fathers are empowered with tools to help with the growth of their babies, and the overall health of their families. Culinary workshops also teach parents how to make nutritious and delicious foods for their families.

With more and more participants, the next phase of the project will train local leaders who will go out to more neighborhoods to share their knowledge with mothers and fathers.

Help more children thrive during their first 1,000 days of life. Your support of PWS&D’s work in Nicaragua will make a lasting difference!