Kazim and his family received five months of food vouchers to help them cope until their next harvest.

Kazim was very concerned for his family. Due to a debilitating illness, for years he hadn’t been able to optimally farm his acre of land—but they got by. Then, the effects of climate change made his farm and others in the area infertile. “Due to low precipitation and shortage of water, as well as my sickness, I failed to harvest grains and other agriculture crops. I was really depressed and hopeless because there wasn’t any other source of income to obtain food for my family.”

Kazim’s neighbours were also having a hard time. Saighan, where Kazim lives, is one of many drought- and flood-affected areas in Bamyan, Afghanistan—a country where 90 per cent of the population already lives below the poverty line. When drought or flood come knocking at their door, people who are already struggling are ill-prepared to cope, making their already difficult situations worse.

Even though they work on their farms from early morning to late evening, many people come home with little food.

In response to the situation, PWS&D supported partner Community World Service Asia to meet the needs of 800 families in Bamyan, by providing five installments of vouchers, each to cover one month’s cost for food. This support helped these families make it through to the time when they could once again grow the crops they need to survive.

For Kazim, the funds he received through the project did more than just meet his and his family’s nutritional needs. By visiting Kazim in his home, those distributing the money helped him feel loved and valued. “This heavenly blessed assistance will allow my family to eat enough food.”

*This project received support from Canadian Foodgrains Bank. PWS&D is a member of Canadian Foodgrains Bank, a partnership of 15 churches and church agencies working together to end global hunger.