Tired of doing the same ol’ things to bring attention to PWS&D? Try one of these colourful ideas to champion for change!

Is your congregation well “red” on international development? Share PWS&D resources with them at any time of the year!

Early in the morning, against the backdrop of the beautiful red and orange sunrise, say a prayer for those impacted by the work of PWS&D. Want to spend a little more time praying? Download this month’s Champions Pray guide.

Kids from St. David’s Presbyterian Church in Vankoughnet and Knox Presbyterian Church in Bracebridge, ON were visited by live animals at their VBS.

How about bringing some little yellow chicks to your church on Easter Sunday—festive fun for children (and adults) to pet and hold! It’s a great opportunity to share about loans from farmers’ groups, which are helping farmers in developing countries purchase animals so they can increase their income and have a healthier life.

Did you know that one of the reasons farmers are struggling around the world is climate change? Help your congregation become more green and raise money for PWS&D at the same time by collecting used cans and bottles to return for a refund. Ask if there’s anyone in your community who is willing to match the amount raised, and use the combined sum to support PWS&D’s sustainable agriculture programs.

Music is one of the things students are excited to learn at the PWS&D-supported Francisco Coll School in Guatemala.

Sing a pop favourite, a country classic or some rhythm and blues with other members of your community by hosting a karaoke night! Sell soft drinks and nibbles (or charge voluntary admission) with the proceeds going to a PWS&D education program.

Work with the youth in your congregation to make blueberry, raspberry or strawberry jam. Then, sell the sweet spreads to raise funds for PWS&D’s nutrition programs!

Valentine’s Day is close at hand! Support PWS&D (and help people surprise their loved ones) by selling pink roses to raise money for PWS&D’s human rights initiatives.