Being a Champion is as easy as ABC!

Ask us a question about a PWS&D program you don’t understand.

Befriend someone new in your community.

Create a colourful flyer for an upcoming event in support of PWS&D.

Do Advent differently with the Advent Challenge.

Encourage others to get involved in making Sunday morning announcements.

Fill a bucket with change in support of PWS&D’s water, sanitation and hygiene programs.

Get out in the community! You can be a light just by going about your daily life with joy.

Help the Champion in another local church with their event.

Invite someone new to church on PWS&D Sunday, or any day!

Join the PWS&D Champions’ Corner Facebook group.

Keep tabs of your congregation’s Giving Tree gifts, and celebrate the final contribution amount together at the end of Advent.

Let us know when your community does something creative to raise support for PWS&D.

Mmm… make goodies for a bake sale in support of PWS&D’s relief work!

Notify your minister when it’s time to order PWS&D annual resources.

Order an extra coffee and share it with someone who needs it.

Place an offering designated for PWS&D refugee support in the offering plate on Sunday.

Quietly pray for those impacted by PWS&D’s work as you’re sitting in traffic on a Monday morning.

Request a slot in the schedule of your next session meeting to provide an update on PWS&D’s work.

Subscribe to our e-newsletter for your monthly update on the work of PWS&D.

Take a walk around your community to pray for those displaced from their homes.

Unlock new potential in the kids in your congregation by participating in the Sunday School Challenge.

Visit to read the stories of people being impacted by the generosity of Presbyterians.

Xylophone, flute, guitar–use whatever instrument you’ve got to put on a concert benefitting PWS&D!

Yield a harvest for CFGB and PWS&D—engage your community in a growing project!

Zip over to a friend’s house to pick them up for an event going on at your church—the more, the merrier!

Interested in being a Champion? Click here to learn more!